April 2021 Film News/Trailers Chat Thread

Some VOD releases this month:

1st April
Godzilla v Kong
The Mauritanian (Prime)

2nd April
Chaos Walking

9th April
Palm Springs (Prime)

16th April
Mortal Kombat (or maybe this has moved)

23rd April
Black Bear

30th April
Nomadland (Disney+)


Got to make myself hang on for Godzilla v Kong in an actual cinema, but it’s a mighty temptation.

My March viewing was almost entirely stinkers, the most high profile being Tenet and Bill & Ted 3. The thing I gave the highest score on Letterboxed was The Block Island Sound and that was only okay. Let’s hope for a better April

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March letterboxd review:
Watched - 13
New to me - 13
Best - A Prophet; Paris, Texas; L’Avventura
Worst - Mindhorn; The Bling Ring

Watched. - err… 3
New to me - 3
Best - Promising Young Woman with some massive reservations
Worst - Kid 90

Recently watched:

The Guilt Trip - Seth Rogan and Barbra Streisand go on a road trip. Wanted a no brainer silly film to watch in the park with a thermos of coffee in the sun. Worked pretty well. Rogan and Streisand’s odd couple chemistry didn’t work perfectly but enough for this to be pretty fun. 7.5/10.

The Owners - Maisie Williams and three idiots break into Sylvester McCoy’s and Rita Tushingham’s house but things obviously don’t go as planned. Not a bad home invasion film but not great either and should have been better. The crazies aren’t menacing enough here. Still, good to see McCoy and Tushingham again. 6/10.

Seized - Scott Adkins film. Plot not really important but slightly more cheesiness and sentimentality than required because of his kidnapped son he tries to rescue. Still the action scenes aren’t too bad and it’s a good no brainer for late night viewing with drinks. 7/10.


Watched: 69 (!)
New: 67
Feature Length: 61
Short Films: 8

  1. 12 Angry Men
  2. Sound of Metal
  3. Airplane!
  4. Kind Hearts and Coronets
  5. The Painter and the Thief
  6. At Eternity’s Gate
  7. All About Eve
  8. Wild Tales
  9. Nosferatu the Vampyre
  10. Under the Shadow



watched: 28
new: 21
rewatch: 7
best: United Skates (5/5), Master & Commander, (4.5/5), Inside Man (rewatch - 5/5)
worst: Snyder Cut (2/5), Insidious (2/5), Cherry (2.5/5), MAS*H (this has aged fucking horribly)

I like Altman but yeah, not good

yeah same, I was really not expecting it. couple of funny moments but mostly i was like ‘wtf’

Watched: 21
New: 17
Rewatch: 4
Best: The Last Days of Disco, The King of Staten Island
Worst: The Craft Legacy, Luce

Watched - 21
New to me - 17
Best - Tess, The Ascent, There Will Be Blood
Worst - Tiny Furniture, I Care A Lot, Two Weeks Notice

  • I am excited to get back to the cinema soon-ish
  • I am nervous about the idea of going back to the cinema
  • FFS watching MORE films?? I’m going outside instead

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Got a ton of leave I’ve been saving for when you can do things again. Gonna take a week off and go every day.

27 films



:heart::heart: Whisper of the Heart :heart::heart:

Absolutely loved Moana too.
Really helped me consider the coconut so that was good


what’s that top one?

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Watched: 44
Best: First Cow, Collective, All About Eve
Worst: Girl in Room 13

Cannot bloody wait to get back to the cinema.


Studio Ghibli’s Whisper of the Heart

It’s just a nice little tale about a girl, a boy and a cat. Not sure if it’ll be up your street but the animation is gobsmacking


It’s the necessary mask wearing that’ll put me off going to the cinema somewhat.

I’ve had both vaccine doses and I completely agree masks are needed for all but it’s the comfort vs entertainment that’ll be a factor for me in whether I go to a cinema and if so how often.