April 2021 Film News/Trailers Chat Thread

Really can’t imagine mask and glasses being an enjoyable cinema experience for me

I wear glasses and due to 12 hour shifts at work and the commute I wear a mask around 13-14 hours a day. I’m used to it but obviously don’t fancy up to two hours at a cinema masked.

I can accept cinemas can be pretty safe places to visit if people are distanced, masked and with ventilation but due to the masks it’ll be an uncomfortable cinema visit.

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Various films back on Netflix:

The Big Lebowski
Cast Away
Death Becomes Her
Do the Right Thing
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
The Game
Hot Fuzz
In the Name of the Father
Kung Fu Panda 2
My Best Friend’s Wedding
Schindler’s List
Shrek/Shrek 2
They Live


I’m not sure why there’s another film thread. This one worked well I thought and enjoyed the bouncing around of opinions and recommendations.

I’ll stick with posting my stuff on here for the time being if that’s ok.

Read from this post down, it was discussed

But post wherever you like

collective is on iplayer…

about a nightclub fire and the extensive health and political fallout. that might sound bleak and simple, but there’s way more to it

I’ll see which one takes off.

I’ve enjoyed general film discussions with all but have enjoyed comments and opinions with a small number of DiS users regarding films over the last few months.

I’ll see where they post too.

They aren’t rival threads

The Oscar nominated one? Cheers for the heads up

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yeah, think i remember that being mentioned. meant to post a link before…
BBC iPlayer - Storyville - Collective: Unravelling a Scandal


It’s up for 2 , Best Doc and Best International Feature so will defo have a watch

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Watched 14 films in March, 3 I had seen before.
Worst - The Waterboy/Bad Boys for Life
Best - Everybody Street/Speed Cubers/Boys State

Documentary heavy favourites this month

Watched fuckall in March. Thank you heartbreak and The Circle (tonight, OBL etc)

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Yep, it is that one. It’s tremendous.

Storyville have an annoying habit of changing the name of the documentaries. They did the same with The Mole Agent the other week.

Just watched gozilla vs Kong. Loved the but when they both realised their ma’s were called Martha




Hahaha very good

Wait why are Godzilla and Kong even fighting each other?? They both seemed like good dudes. I’m guessing it must be some big misunderstanding.

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