April 2021 Film News/Trailers Chat Thread

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I think he stopped caring after he did this and The Last Samurai the year before and his co-stars got Oscar nominated in both and he didn’t

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the academy can get right tae fuck :fu: :grinning:

This trailer is from last week, so apologies if it’s a repeat post, but I want to share it to see if you all had the same reaction as me when the music kicked in:

> Lord confirmed on Twitter that his frequent collaborator Mark Mothersbaugh will compose the score for the film. In January 2021, director Rianda revealed on Twitter that the movie’s soundtrack will incorporate songs from various artists, including Los Campesinos!, Sigur Rós, Talking Heads, Grimes, Le Tigre, The Mae Shi and Madeon, as well as a brand new original song by Alex Lahey

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guys I am very confused as to what the difference is between the two threads at the moment

I think the other thread is meant to be for posting about films you’ve seen and this is just news, trailers etc, but there’s still some overlap while people get used to it I guess

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Need the change the title of this one then as it still says ‘old and new film chat’

Having a ‘rolling film news’ and ‘monthly films you’ve watched’ is a good idea though

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have seen people that don’t post in film threads much using the other thread, and both threads have a similar amount of replies, so I think it’s working well so far.

Yeah I’d agree with changing this to April 2021 Film News Chat or something to make it a little more distinct.

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@moderators - please change thread title to April 2021 Film News/Trailers Chat Thread - thanks

Chloe Zhao’s debut film Songs My Brothers Taught Me is now on Mubi


I want to see this purely because Alex Hirsch is involved

following on from this, are we thinking that a lot of the “big” early 2021 releases will end up getting cinema releases at some point? Or will there be a whole batch where they just scrap that and go VOD/streaming only?

I think so, I mean, loads of places were showing Parasite in October

Wonder if they’re handing the franchise reins over to her

Not sure what’s worse. Godzilla: King of the Monsters human characters or NowTV’s streaming quality.

The version of An American Werewolf In London that was on Sony Movies last night was so damn ugly. Looked 320p ffs.

Got the Baftas on. The piped in audience reaction is so odd.

Me too.
Got a whole Oscars night planned with mates so interesting to see how they compare.

It’s obviously shite that a lot of these films haven’t even had a UK release yet!
Congratulations to The Father. I’m sure it’s a very good adapted screenplay. Well done :clap: :clap: