April 2021 Politics Thread

Oh dear

Made it to vice


:+1: That’s the one. Knew there was an actual quote to be had about it but couldn’t for the life of me remember the names involved.

Of course the BBC help manufacture some kind of high ground for the Tories over Keith’s JLew visit

Saw a Lib Dem interviewed the other day, and honestly thought. “Huh, they still exist then?”

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What the fuck does playing politics mean? They’re politicians for god’s sake


Just watched a bit of PMQs with Starmer asking him if he said the quote about bodies piling up because of all this shit about Johnson getting angry.

Christ, he just spoke a bit more firmly than normal.

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Yeah I wondered if this was me being bad at reading these “human emotions” but he didn’t look livid to me. Was expecting to see flecks of spittle flying everywhere based on what I’d read.

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It looks more ranty with the sound off weirdly. I saw it live, but often have the sound muted and news in the background when working…and the body movements are more emotional than his voice.

But yeah, it wasn’t exactly a meltdown as the coverage would have you think

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No point having hospitality staff if you can’t harvest your own country’s produce or fish in international waters tbh tbf…

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Ouch. :grimacing:

Kinda wanna know what constitutes “working class” in this instance though


Does anyone credible who understands the old C2DE etc categories take them seriously these days?

C2DE excludes all admin workers, whatever their wage.

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It’s NRS C2DE, and I assume that yougov use actual grading rather then self-reported, as there’s a large discrepancy.

Fair enough!

Well that’s certainly ridiculous.

And just one of the many reasons why class-based political arguments are so hamstrung. Not wrong per se. Just extremely difficult to pull off successfully, without getting bogged down in shite like this.

Sorry for spamming but I think this is important and I’m not sure where to post it to bring it to most peoples attention

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May is underway.

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