April 2021 Politics Thread


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Oh yeah I get you. I’ve just accepted the fact they are untouchable now. It’s frustrating listening to my old man say he expects heads to roll for the handling of Covid and that they’ll be out of power because of it like it’s still the mid-90’s or something.



Was it Theresa Coffey who basically said live on tv the other day ‘lol good luck trying to get him with this, no one actually cares about it, suckers’.

And she was right, doesn’t even have to begin to keep up the pretence

I can’t stand Boris Johnson and struggle to give a crap about who funded his flat or whatever, of course nobody will care about it


Keith going in on the ‘let the bodies pile high’ line and the flat redecoration in PMQs. Boris denying the first and changing the subject on the second.

First PMQs I’ve watched in months. Boris just comes across as Trump with a posh accent. Gibbering buzz words about Brexit and Covid. After years of being angry at him being PM, I’ve just remembered how bizarre it is - He really is a late-era-Simpsons-level caricature of a bumbling, evil toff.

I’m not sure if Keith had a good PMQs - Feels like he tried to get Boris on record saying yes or no to things that may bite him on the arse in a few weeks time.

Not too sure which thread is the most appropriate for this, but I thought that it was an excellent piece

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How the utter fuck is a backbench MP allowed to ask the question “Will the PM support my Tory mate as he runs for Doncaster mayor?”!!!

Tories aren’t even trying with the soft questions now - Just straight up campaigning for the elections. Surely the Speaker should be on top of this?

Was the answer “I dunno. How much is he offering?”

The War Over Work? I really liked Slave Ambient.

I think he thought he was being cleverer than he actually was.

Peston here reckoning that DUP/SF swing voters exist.

Fucking hell.


Isn’t he saying that he thinks that if the DUP become more sectarian, then you’re likely to see Sinn Fein picking up votes from Nationalist parties (eg SDLP), and Alliance?

(there’s also the possibility that the UUP and Alliance pick up votes from the DUP, which would probably benefit Sinn Fein’s position)

Just caught up on PMQs, the prime minister really was very angry, wasn’t a great look for him. Usual no one cares caveats apply obviously, but he did look like a dickhead


evergreen for Boris Johnson mind

Don’t remember seeing him lose his rag like that before, that made it slightly different. You usually get the Boris Johnson act where he’s a dickhead on purpose, felt like the mask slipped a bit today


It used to happen on a regular basis when he was London mayor and was being questioned by Assembly members, but it was never reported on, or shown on the news.


Yes, I think I’d heard that, but like you say, it never got shown.

I think also, he’s very controlling of what personal stuff he talks about, and in the past he’s batted unwanted questions away with “oh no one cares about that”, so to find that isn’t working this time has fully irked him, he’s not in control.

Finally, the amateur psychologist in me has noted that he’s living in the very thing that is causing him upset and can’t escape. He certainly can’t redecorate any time soon either. He’s probably having a not great time.


It’s often been said that Johnson doesn’t want to actually be Prime Minister or Mayor, but does want to be able to say that he has been Prime Minister and Mayor.

He wants the legacy and the biographies, but not the responsibilities.