April 2021 Politics Thread

More amateur psychology: he’s a narcissist and narcissists use charm (or in this case bluster) until it stops working, then use tantrums and gaslighting to stay in control.


I remember seeing some of this on Newsnight last night and actually bursting out laughing at one shot of him, sitting, looking like something someone would bring into The Repair Shop, with a look of utter horror on his face at what was being said to him. The man absolutely needs everyone to love him, and is completely knocked for six whenever a hint of the hatred seeps through.

Very satisfying, I hope he’s not had a wink of sleep for a week.

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I know you guys are all proper politics wonks and so this will not be news to you, but something on my aunt’s Facebook the other day led me to this document:

Basically she was horrified to see that her local tory candidate for police commissioner had their name down on the postal ballot as “Conservative Candidate – More Police, Safer Streets”

She complained to the Electoral Commission and they pointed out that it’s all totally above board. Apparently you can register 12 different “party descriptions” including ones that describe policy. The tories latest policies appear to be more cops and no referendums in Scotland if that latest version is anything to go by.


Oh dear

tbf that is the exact sort of petty shit I like to see. So obviously naff but, will wind Boris up no end.


Yeah, don’t mind it.

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Oh god we’re importing the performative liberal bullshit from the states.

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I dunno, it just seems so lame. I don’t see Boris getting wound up about it, it gives him the ‘he’s not taking this seriously’ argument.

There’s a lot of truth to this, I think


Flicking through this, I saw

and had to do a double-take, because


This is kind of naff, but we’d probably be going “YES KING, SLAY HIM” if this had been Corbyn tbf.


Feel like those Tories dislike John Lewis because it’s a worker owned busines, which is exactly the reason why John Lewis is good (I feel very strongly that I would like a JL armchair and knowing Boris Johnson would chuck one away only adds to the appeal)

It’s a weird one. My dad is a lifelong Tory, always gives me and M John Lewis vouchers for Christmas and birthday but despises Johnson

I’d say it’s got much more to do with them being toff as fuck. And most of their furniture is handed down from generation to generation. Rather than something so base as being bought from a shop.

Although if J-Lew and Co-op are going to become the kernel of a worker uprising, that’s completely fine by me.

As Michael Jopling said (and Alan Clarke recounted) of Michael Hesteltine: “The trouble with Michael is that he had to buy all his furniture”

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Am I missing something regarding the Lib Dems? Have 2% of the country just suddenly remembered they exist? I can’t think of any other reason they’d have made gains.

They always seem to do better on the run up to mid-term elections.

Plus, I think a lot of the movement in general is Labour supporters indicating that they’re less likely to vote, which leads to a rise in other parties’ support, even if no one else is actually being added to their ‘pile’.

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