April FOols Day anticipcation thread 👻

only 21 sleeps until the naughtiest day of the year!
got any big pranks lined up yet? maybe on members of this very community??

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I’m going to fool @The_Respected_User by pretending to respect him


I have already begun an elaborate prank on here, involving many community members, to culminate on 1/4/22.

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I think I’ll push Avery down a big hill


Knock knock

was that the one where you pretended it was your birthday yesterday?

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Even more elaborate than that.



Sorry, was just thinking of the pranks I have planned for 1st April 2022


Gonna hide one of all your pairs of shoes

One from each pair not one of the pairs

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no need to knock, we have an open door policy in this thread


Ah, OK, gonna have to think of a new prank

Shrewbie, would you mind sharing your GPS with me April 1st? I have a plan to travel there and tap you on the opposite shoulder from which I am standing and that would make it a lot easier.

My Alexa has gone early - yesterday late morning apropos of absolutely nothing she said:
“You are in a life-threatening situation, please call the emergency services”

I didn’t laugh

You know I can see this, right? And not only can I see it, you’ve tagged me in it to ENSURE that I see it!

Looks like we’ve got a March Fool on our hands, folks!


Yeah sorry I forgot how astute, cunning and handsome you are. No way of pulling the wool over your eyes you wily fox

I’m gonna go round my Nan’s house in the dead of night (I know that she keeps a key under a pot outside, the dafty!) and then I’m going to slightly open every cupboard, drawer and window in her home and then sneak back out again.

She won’t know what the fuck is going on!


I’d be happy to!

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Well, this is a change of gear for you, thank you so much for your kind words x