April Fool's Day Friday Thread

Been awake since 5:30 so have been finishing a job application. No joke.

Work. Theatre tonight.

And you?

Last day for two weeks. Organised a piss up in a brewery later.


Morning roastie et al!

I’m awake early too but for no good reason.

Nobody else is up so I’m watching Cheers.

I have eleven sets of exams to mark, some admin to update and (possibly) an assessment to write before I finish for two weeks.

I’m also moving to Barbados. NOT REALLY - APRIL FOOL!

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Got to go to work for an hour then I’m off for the rest of the day to go to a funeral (not an april fool).

I am going to do loads of work today

Haha april fools


Today, I’ve got a tonne of reading to do on extending the life of engineering shit. It’s crap. Will do it sitting out in the sun.

Have had a bunch of imaging scans all week which has been delightful.

GMB just did a well good April fools prank :joy:

Last day of term and I have to do my assembly and it’s April fools Day so I’m going to pretend it’s my birthday and get them all to sing happy birthday to me. There’s more of a link but I won’t bore you with that.


Eat more fibre?

Morning lovely sweet darlings of dis

“Off” today but so is M and she’s currently lying on my bed demanding waffles whilst making the cat go absolutely bananas with the feather wand his pal Bones sent him. Off to the workhouse or something pls urchin.

Work will almost certainly expect me to work today as i don’t think they realised i worked my day off yesterday :upside_down_face:


Pretty hungover and it’s snowing. Really want a McDonald’s breakfast but that breaks my no McDonald’s on holiday rule.
Belgiums not a holiday though I don’t think


We’re out of milk. Which I didn’t realise until I’d poured the last of the milk (not nearly enough) into a bowl of cereal. So I had misery dry cereal for breakfast. Today needs to improve, sharpish.

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Smart metre is already higher than it normally would be this time of day :disappointed:


Got the car because I’ve got to take the dog to have his nails done later :nail_care:

Dropped wifey at work and was going to get a McDo breakfast on the way back as a payday treat but it was queueing out onto the road, so fuck that. Had a mooch around Marks’s and got some nice bits for lunch instead.


No hash browns in Belgian McDonald’s. What’s this bullshit

Morning all.

Just accepted the job offer, and my work have agreed it can be a secondment so I don’t need to worry that its a 3 year contract as my current job will be protected.

Wfh today, which is handy as I’m feeling last night’s 6 a side. I was bloody rusty after a month off.

No plans. GF is volunteering at a theatre tonight so need to think about watching something vs just spending several hours playing vidya.


Aieet. I’m up extra early after a night on the beers coz i gotta go and collect some camera kit and currently in that pleasantly hazy bit before it starts to get bleak. Listening to bjork and drinking coffee, this is how most mornings should start imo. Hoping for an irk-free work day but we’ll see how that goes. :eyes:

Going to the 8pm showing of The Worst Person in the World

APRIL FOOLS its at 8:20pm


i watched that the other day and it was bad. not really it was good
april fool


Morning :coffee:
Gotta shower and meet my uncle and then do a food shop and do more emails and then I will be watching something nice (not sure what yet) to try and shift how miserable I’ve been feeling.

Cat woke me up at 5am which is quite rude and too early imo but maybe she was doing a funny April fools joke idk

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