April Football Thread


@moderators can you please close down the March Football Thread?

It is time to move on!


Not having changing threads in the middle of the match day. Just not having it


Too late hoogy

  • EXCEPTIONAL performance by Manchester City
  • Liverpool just really shite

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Ready for Royball v2. 0

Bring it on.

Like our good friends at Leeds United, it’s time to put March (Marsch) behind us

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No game for Argyle today, seeing as we’re in the cup final tomorrow and all that.

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I’ve petitioned FIFA to suspend all football until we get this thread situation sorted out

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This has been approved

Tearing us apart already

Someone close the other thread

Hate the closing of other threads tbh, in any monthly thing going on

Bet he still has his takeaway later

13 attempts from Palace in the first 26 minutes :sunglasses:

Craig Pawson absolutely desperate not to give this.

Tottenham’s new manager announced

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Was just about to say Jesus was looking a bit rubbish

No idea who the commentators are here but they’re fucking awful.

Arteta’s ego is probably too big for it but if I was him I’d be getting Henry in to work with Martinelli.

The Danny Rose