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Well it’s particularly funny he did it whilst interviewing Hunt.

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Yeah we’ve all got some broken politics we keep meaning to change, but it’s a long way to the retail park and the politics always ends up gathering dust at the back of a cupboard instead.

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Weird how neither of those are his actual name, Mike Grapes

I’ve been calling him that for years now. Good to see it catching on at the very top.

So what actually is an academy?

Broadly speaking, it’s a school that manages it’s own budget and is directly accountable to the Department of Education (or whatever it’s latest fancy name is) rather than the Local Education Authority being involved.

I had a scholarship to a private boys school (I’m trans) in West London and it was its own special kind of Hell. There was a huge “boys will be boys” culture and total acceptance of bullying. One time I got thrown into a wall and left bleeding out on the floor. Another time kids were taking the piss out of me for a really bad cold sore so I went to the teacher who told me it looked like I’d been giving out blowjobs. One of my old classmates is now a VP at Barclays.

And can receive additional private funding, and are off the national curriculum. Which is the main issue with them imo


Fucking hell, sounds horrific and horrifically unsurprising

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Jesus fuck. I’m so sorry, that is awful xxx


Thanks @Aggpass and @TheBarbieMovie2023 :hugs:

After that experience it’s really not surprising I turned out to be a girl :laughing:


Bloody hell that’s terrible


I was going to say, this made a lot of sense once I looked at her twitter bio and noticed she’s an M-L who are somewhat infamous for having terrible takes.

can you be a stalinist without being a tankie, genuine q

also are all M-Ls tankies? vlad was 40 year dead by the time czechoslovakia happened, isn’t it

I like this, it’s nice.

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went to a comprehensive that is now an academy? dunno when that happened but was long after I left.

Went to a public preparatory school that was absurdly well-off, and had literal oligarchs going to it - I’m pretty sure there was a Getty in the same year as a family friend.

Spent the next three years realising how much of a knob that had made me, and the following decade or so trying to work out what to do about that.

OTOH, they had really good disability support that probably made a massive positive difference in my life at a time when I wouldn’t have had that support in my local Primary school, so idk it was good for me, but they obviously shouldn’t exist at all.

Tankie is really meant to refer to people who support the more authoritarian actions taken by the USSR which were particularly prevalent under Stalin so I’d probably say no.

This is probably more contentious, whilst I do think M-L’s ideology is flawed, for the same reasons that Raya Dunayevskaya put forward (it appears to replicate the same social relations that exist under capitalism but with the state as opposed to the bourgeoisie). I’m not sure if I would go as far as saying it always necessarily calls for the kind of actions that were taken by Stalin from the 1950s onwards.

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