April's Action Free Football Thread

Now that’s a trophy!

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I’ve signed Ibrahim Said on every game i’ve started.

Come to think about it i pretty much sign the same players whoever i manage. Marco Negri on a freebie’s guaranteed goals. Then i pillage the Swedish leagues.

Wonder if it greatly disappoints Ant when people play an old version

I mostly like it when people have a nice time.


He’s so good as the DMC in a 4132. Bit annoying that he’s FGN but always gets a work permit.

For some reason there are a ridiculous number of incredible young Greek players on this game I’m playing.

Kalogeras, Tobros, Karadas, Perris, and Papadopoulos just in my team alone. Papadopoulos has scored an absolutely ridiculous amount of goals…

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The thing i like about the older versions is you don’t have to arse around with training, scouting, any of that. Just start a league, sign Daniel Berg Hestad and smash a season out in four hours.


Where could I get hold of the older versions?

Just got sacked on my City league. 19th in the Champo at New Year after spending £16m. Felt hard done by tbh, they said they thought i was the man to get them out of that league and strictly speaking i was on course to do that.


Ffs I just booted it up to take this photo and I’m instantly clicking ‘continue game’ like it’s midnight the night before my first GCSE exam and I’m promising my mum I’ll be going to bed after the next game

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I let Veron go on a free because he wouldn’t sign a new contract for anything less than his exorbitant wage thinking it’d be easy to resign him but everyone has gone in for him

completely forgotten about him




Joe Lolley is a lefty. Good lad.

There’s an update for 01/02 with current squads. It’s not good, there’s way too many super player and every single player is listed as a ‘new signing’ so you basically can’t buy anyone.

Also, there’s no To Madeira :frowning: love that man.

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Big album release on Monday


I absolutely bloody love him.

I hate that whole thing about a club supposedly having some inherent, immutable quality that the style of play and type of players must embody, but he’s definitely the kind of player Fergie would have approved of.

Norman Hunter died :frowning:

dunno why, really, but just realized that a big percentage of photos of club officials/players at Depor are of them sat at a dinner table. very standard thing in Spain to take a photo of everyone at a dinner, right down the length of the table, but this has made me happy.


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