April's Action Free Football Thread

was joking.

Well fuuuuuuuuck youuuuuuuu

Le tissier

Bale was at Southampton too, I originally had Shearer up front instead of Firminho but had to change cos of that

Mbappe, McBride, Messi
Giggs, Le Tissier, Nedved
Lahm, Maldini, Van Dijk, Srna

3 in goal, and just Casillas up front on his own is a bold one, tbh


That front 3 :heart_eyes:

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Great idea

Coleman, Maldini, Van Dijk, Srna
Scholes, Lahm, Ramsey
Messi, Haaland, Mbappé

The talk (although obviously that’s all it is at the moment given the uncertainty) seems to be pointing towards some sort of condensed tournament towards the end of the ‘season’, possibly one-legged QF and SFs, possibly in one location.

Does seem to be a clamour to complete some version of the season by hook or crook given the money they’d have to repay if they don’t, but would be incredibly surprised if the CL concludes in any sort of traditional format. And would surely have to be behind closed doors if it did? Seems very tight of City to hold onto the money, although I guess they do need the money.

Was that meant to be sarcasm, I genuinely can’t tell?

Dunno whether to take it as a compliment or not, but it absolutely was meant to be!

Hope it gets sorted soon.


Had this and The Strokes thread open and read that as “3 in goal and Justin Casablancas up front on his own” before realising I’d switched tabs.

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God I love this guy


Well you all got your wish, the Scottish league officially doesn’t exist anymore.


Did it ever?



Oh ffs


It does exist, it’s just been distilled into its purest form, a bureaucratic shambolic bitter nightmare which nobody derives any joy from.


So same as usual then

Bruno Fernandes is very quickly going to get really annoying isn’t he, in a sort of walking opinion/rentaquote way? I can’t remember a player having so much chirp so soon into his big league career. Can see why you’d embrace it if it was your club, especially one which you’d have to say has lacked leaders and ‘characters’ for so long, but idk, probably me being a miserablist, but i like players to have a good stretch of form and a few trophies at a club before they appoint themselves a vice captain. Seems a bit desperate to be the new Cantona to me.

Like him a lot as a player, like, and think it will prove a good fit.