April's Action Free Football Thread

Big album release on Monday


I absolutely bloody love him.

I hate that whole thing about a club supposedly having some inherent, immutable quality that the style of play and type of players must embody, but he’s definitely the kind of player Fergie would have approved of.

Norman Hunter died :frowning:

dunno why, really, but just realized that a big percentage of photos of club officials/players at Depor are of them sat at a dinner table. very standard thing in Spain to take a photo of everyone at a dinner, right down the length of the table, but this has made me happy.


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Devastating. Can’t really be overstated how big a figure he was for the club and how much he meant to the generation that watched Revie’s team.

Sitting next to him in the Elland Road gantry was a genuine chills down the spine moment. Get a bit choked up when I think about how passionately he followed the match. Felt a bit like watching it with my Dad.

Tragedy how much life it robbed of him and with coronavirus, thousands of others like him.




Typified the Leeds team that dominated English/European football for almost a decade from '65. Legendary partnership with Jack Charlton. What can you say? Guy was a proper legend. Sad to end it this way.

Even if it’s an unlicensed league I think the wider generic license prevents this.

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You can change this currently with the in-game editor, if you decide to buy that.

Lots of people say this is the main reason why they purchase the in-game editor, but part of me thinks they’re just saying that because they’re ashamed that they like to cheat.

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Yep. There’s actually loads of options.

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Sean Dyche: Remainer.

No, really

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Lyle Taylor, Karl Henry, Sol Campbell, David Dunn, Dave Whelan: varying levels of Tory

One of the biggest disappointments of my lifetime. Slightly taints the fact I was at the USA 94 final applauding the likes of Cafu who are now massive fans of Bollocksfaceo, might as well have been Berlin '36.

Nice work

Was flicking through a reddit post on English football’s wealthiest owners. Such an on brand name for Burnley

Nigel Pearson: leftie remainer, all-round top bloke and one of my heroes


Shall we do our players who made us fall in love with football then?

Bryan Gunn a Norwich legend, beat Bayern Munich and stuck with us during our era of mediocrity (also Scottish)

Roberto Baggio the star of USA 94 (my first tournament) who even had a dramatic conclusion

Henrik Larsson was only a kid at the same tournament and already looked like a star, the fact he spent his best years at Celtic is mental, but then his runs at Barca and United were just as thrilling.

Alan Shearer - obviously think he’s a bit of a bellend now (kind of knew at the time really too) but fuck he was good. I adopted Newcastle as my premier league team in the mid to late 90s when Norwich got relegated so I spent a lot of time loving him.

By 1998: Roberto Carlos & Dennis Bergkamp

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