April's Action Free Football Thread

What a book. So good I bought it twice.

Gary Imlach’s book about his dad, “My Father and Other Working-Class Football Heroes” is a really good read


Teddy - devastated when he left
Klinsmann - did the dive every time I scored until the age of about 28
Ginola - coolest, effortless, sexy man
Ronaldo og - just unbelievably good and exciting
Gazza - blonde hair, goal against Scotland etc


Very much this.

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Really, really good. Struggled with any others by him, but this is very readable and interesting. Chapter on each country, done.

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Yeah, it’s great. My favourite of the Wilson books.


Got this on my shelf, haven’t gotten around to starting it yet.

Imagine doing that on Astro turf.

You should feel even worse about having to sit through that game

I know this wasn’t your intention at all, but this is an absolutely fantastic humblebrag!

If Messi humblebragged like that, everyone would be raving about it

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If you can be arsed to wait I’ll happily post you “inverting the pyramid” when the lockdown is relaxed


sure, cheers mate! :slight_smile:

Probably should use this time off to remember how to be a goalkeeper

Forgot the ol safety wink.

Actuslly looks like he is in a hotel poor lad

did mine on Fb earlier

maybe quite boring, but honest all the same

Eric, Al, Giggsy, Becks, Zizou

Eric - the only one I love as a person to this day. just spellbinding, the swagger with which he played. I really wish he’d been able to make an impact internationally, maybe stuck around a season more to have more of a crack at the CL.

Shearer - me and my sister went nextdoor to watch Euro 96 because our television was broken and the young parents that had moved in were lovely and we used to talk to their little boy through the bushes when we were playing in the garden.

that was the first time I’d ever watched lots of live footy; tbh, I’d barely been able to watch anything at all until then. the most fundamental thing in me falling in love with the game, and obviously Shearer was the talisman.

Giggs - mostly through United’s CL exploits - notably our battles with Juve - and then that goal against Arsenal.

I actually think he’s weirdly underrated as a player, certainly over here. maybe due to overfamiliarity, also perhaps due to being a bit of a shit. young/prime Giggsy was as electric as anyone to ever play the game.

Becks - what can I say? funny thing: before I even saw him play, when I used to get all the footy mags, I did a little ‘presentation’ on him in school. this was in 1995, before he properly broke out. I drew a picture of him that I copied from a bit in Match.

but yeah, obvious innit? also weirdly underrated; much more than just an incredibly hard worker.

Zidane - I used to pretend to be Zidane when I played football in the park with my friends. the best ever at that classic style of feint-heavy dribbling. magic.


Ruud Van Nistelrooy honourary mention. I mean, he’s only missing out because he came along after the first five. probably my favourite ever striker - ridiculous balance, poise and finishing.

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just thinking about how lucky us United fans were to be able to see our boys pitted against such ridiculously great players in our long run in the CL under Fergie.

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Some that haven’t been mentioned:
A Season With Verona
A Life Too Short
The Miracle Of Castel Di Sangro


will have a look, ta. italian footie?