Apropos of nothing

It’s coming up on 7 years since Finley Quaye had that guy interrupt his performance and accuse of him of “fucking the stage”. I looked it up to remind myself of the details, and the guy has since changed his name to August Templar and been banned from working as a company director. I’ll try and remember to check on this in another 7 years or so.


Holy fucking shit I know this man. He now runs a bar and ‘members club’ in Salcombe. He also got beaten up in the first Covid summer for being a dick to some people in a pub. Knew he was from down here previously and had changed his name (everyone knows him as August now) but never knew he was THIS guy!


Apparently Finley Quaye is a massive dickhead.

That’s all I have to add.

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Have a look and see what Cat BIn Lady is up to please

This is his place

That original thread was a classic

falls off stool

I never thought you could sum up exactly what I don’t want in the world in just eleven words.

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I’ve met him and he was.

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My mate used to promote gigs and apparently he’s one of the worst in the industry for basically ripping people off, turning up drunk or just not turning up at all.

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What’s Finley Quaye like though?



Is it fuck


Ready to feel OLD? This is what “fuck my stage” guy looks like now!

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Thank God we’ve finally moved on from Michelle Ryan.

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