Aqos ‘18?

Alright all, I’ve been meaning to resurrect AQOS after a bit of a break but my work schedule is getting in the way. So, questions/polls (haters get lost)

  1. Does anyone want to help out doing alternate quizzes - works out as one a month
  • I love the quiz - yes
  • I love the quiz - no
  • I hate the quiz

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  1. Do people mind if the quiz moves from a Friday occasionally?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I hate the quiz

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oh hi - new user - so whats the quiz then?

A great way of spending a Friday afternoon, you’ll love it.

Sounds shit.

EDIT : Just kidding. That was the kind of mean-spirited thing @zxcvbnm would say. But I say good luck to you my friends. Enjoy your boring confusing quiz thing.

I’m going to be off work for a month so I’m very happy to host the quiz one Friday.

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I’m getting itchy for quizzes…can we get this going again?

Happy to offer my services…I will be taking most Fridays off uni to attend counselling…so that should tie in nicely