AQOS 2018 - GAME ON! Entries close 12pm today (Thursday 13th)

So - @laelfy and I are happy to host AQOS. But we need your help / action immediately!

IF YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR ANSWERS TO WONTON please DM me with your answers (in the same format as before). THE QUESTIONS ARE THE SAME as before but you obviously have a chance to change your answers.

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY QUESTIONS YET and want to play then please DM me and I’ll send you the questions.

DEADLINE is 12pm tomorrow, Thursday 13th December
RESULTS THREAD to be held Friday 14th December - Laefs to confirm the time.

@moderators can you sticky this?

EDIT: I should say a massive thanks to @wonton for all he’s done so far. GBOL - hope your deadlines / laptops etc work out okay :slight_smile:


This will INevitably be worth the wait

Christmas is saved!

Thankyou @colon_closed_bracket and @laelfy. Will submit now.

And thanks @wonton for volunteering to host in the first place. Hope your laptop gets sorted, and you’re able to get on with your work!

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How do we feel about me re-submitting my answers to ccb considering I’m hosting? (anon)

  • Yay
  • Nay

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Aww this is great, I hope wonton is ok though :frowning:

Quick question: can we change our answers, just in case one of us got one genuinely wrong? Asking for a friend

Yes, you can change your answers

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Team Ballbagbreaker!


I’ve dreamt of the moment I could run AQOS with ccb. It’s all been about this moment.


Poor roasty :confused:



This has reINvigorated my afternoon. Thanks!

Ha, roasty and I never worked together, did we? Just did alternate turns


Ah of course!

Can I just say that ccb is a legend for taking this on at such short notice. I’ve got the easy job.

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I feel like a TV trope