AQOS 8/8 the finale - Christmas / 2017 special, questions WITH ADDED POLL

Annnnnd for the last time this season…IT’S TIME TO QUIZ!!!

For anyone who hasn’t played before - you will be given 15 Christmas / 2017 themed questions. All you have to do is guess what the most popular answer to all the questions will be. You get the same number of points per question as the total number of people who gave the same answer as you. For example if the question is " Name a soft drink" and 100 people including you said “Coca-cola” you would get 100 points. The fiendish rule is - if no one else answers the same as you, you will be deducted the number of points that the top answer scored.

The person with the most points wins.

No discussing the questions/answers on here. Googling is permissible - after all the skill is knowing what your fellow dissers are likely to say.

How to play: SEND ME A PM to receive the questions and then send the answers back by 10am WEDNESDAY 13TH DECEMBER. When submitting your answers, please only submit the answer and nothing else (ie please don’t repeat the question or question number)

BUT THERE’S MORE: we usually reveal the answers on the Friday lunchtime - however I know that Dec 15 is quite a popular day for office parties etc so please state if you have a preference for the day the answers come out (vote for as many as you like)

  • Friday December 15
  • Monday December 18
  • Tuesday December 19
  • Wednesday December 20

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Friday 15th is the day after my work christmas do so AQOS will be a welcome tonic to my INevitable hangover.


Mine too! Hence why the deadline is Wednesday.

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My Christmas do is on the Friday 15th but I can always log in afterwards.

yeah keep it Friday 15th, added excuse to continue skiving


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Sausage and wINe

IN my belly pls all the xmas food

(and i aint fucking winning this time. That was HARD)

oof some stinkers there

:notes: I saw three ships come sailing in on Christmas day in the mornINg :notes:

My name’s H.E.X. with the mic in my hand
And I’m chillIN’ and coolIN’ just like a snowman
So open your eyes, lend us an ear
We want to say
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry ChrINkletoesmas

tryINg not to be last this time

Maximum poINts here I come

and tonight thank god it’s them INstead of youuuuu

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Bump (and grind)

Got my car booked IN for service at 1.30pm on the 15th, so AQOS answers will be the perfect thing to pass the time waiting

Some real toughies this time round. Got some big fat zeroes in there for sure. Maybe as many as 4? :smiley:

voted not friday cos i’ll be at work early (ie. during quiz time) that day whereas i usually get to enjoy most of it before work

doesn’t really matter either way though, happy enough to skive and follow it as best i can at work