AQOS ✖ : A Shambles-free success!



Our previous winners:

Gold Silver Bronze
Shambles I p_a_u_l Juninho10 aggpass/chadders
Shambles II OhHeck icarus-smicarus wasted
Shambles III tuna NoahVale OhHeck
Shambles IV AphexTwinkletoes beastie colon_closed_bracket / McGarnagle
Shambles V allisfulloflove OhHeck laika
Shambles VI Greenerharris Steved chadders
Shambles VII paulo13 freshpickings he_2
Shambles VIII Acceptanceiii Aggpass nemrac
Shambles IX beastie stupidsexyflanders TKC

It’s dem quarter finals:

@aggpass vs. @Steved
@lastdino vs. @blind_pilot
@AcceptanceIII vs. @laika
@greenerharris vs. @freshpickings

You may not talk about the questions

Will we be seeing a reverse alphabetical order for this one then? :innocent:

This is now the Cycling thread

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forgot all about that so… no, sorry

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Should be back from football in time for kickoff

Can’t wait to donate my winnings to my chosen charity, Save The Squirrels :chipmunk:


My chosen charity for the winnings is the Royal Society for Squirrel Culling, they do a lot of great work and I’m hoping to make them proud today

  • Ooohh Joke’s new laptop, this will go hiccup free!
  • :rofl:

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Good for me

This is a guarantee: tonight’s edition of AQOS will be hiccup and controversy free. You can quote me on that.


I imagine we will, many times


Gonna be a low score that wins I think. Some tough questions in there.

Can I please ask that the money goes to my favourite charity; me?

I don’t think I’ve won I just think I deserve a tenner more than the rest of you schmucks.

Stick yer charities up yer ass

That’s ironic, as I was going to be donating to Bowler Hats for Vainglorious Shitbags. Guess I’ll have to give it Dogs Trust instead

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