AQOS anyone?

PM me your answers, and we’ll go through them probably sometime next week!

Qs (no discussing them!):

a current cabinet minister (not rishi sunak)

a current mp you’d like to be prime minister

a song by arctic monkeys

a country associated with good beer

england’s current best football defender

a computer programming language

the best ever disney film

a vegetarian dish you can order at an indian restaurant

the best britpop album

a non-british tv channel

an EU country whose flag contains a cross

a board game played by nerds (not dungeons and dragons)

how do you take your tea?

the best british sitcom of all time

an emergency service

You do…you do know absolutely no one found this funny yesterday either?


What is aqos

A question of sport?

Send the answers you think will be the most popular amongst your fellow players. The number of points you score is the same as the number of people who gave the answer.


I’m all for more AQOS but I think we ought to know who you are first


I don’t want to reveal that, sorry. If that’s really vital then I guess this won’t go ahead without another host.

A Quiz of Sorts.

A kind of Family Fortunes style game that has had various runs thanks to different Dissers over the years.

Would love for it to come back.

Not saying that this isn’t legit, but would expect a bit more fanfare (also questions always used to be DMd out to try and limit answer discussion or mistaken posting)

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Someone PM me the details of how this show works (@Mert_Aksac ?)

I’m ready to step into my destiny as the People’s Hero.


Right now I think this is just a one off, but thought I’d experiment with how easy it is to set up and how much demand there is.

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If you wait until next week (maybe Wednesday), we could have this one first and then your season can kick off in full glory? Two for the price of one!

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Someone (sorry I can’t remember who or I’d credit you properly!) built a whole back end to make the process easy, have you got hold of that?

Also, you can’t sneak out an AQOS soft launch. You’ve got to commit! Go big or go home a total catastrophe! That’s the AQOS way.

u already a hero in my eyes bb!


To people sending in their answers:

Please do not include the questions! There should ideally be 15 rows in the PM you send me. Thanks.

These questions read like this is an icebreaker at the tory party conference, its just not very DiS.

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People can decide if they want to participate, but you might get more buy in if we could be reassured that you’re not a troll. Maybe you could DM your old username to one person and they could reassure everyone else that you’re not a banned former user or other known troublemaker?

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AQOS (Squandered’s Version) (From The Vault) would like to crowdsource questions from the most important part of AQOS…the people.

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  • Gonna risk it
  • Nah not gonna bother

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Have you read more than the first question?