AQOS end of 2018 2-part special!

Wait, you’re doing the answers on a Thursday?! :open_mouth:

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Yeah…another bit of tinkering. Just thought Thursday would be a quieter day, more time for quizzing, but I’ll create another poll. Again, I’ll need a majority to swap days

  • Answers Thursday 6th of December
  • Answers Friday 7th if December

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Answers FRIDAY

Cos it’s my day off.

Not that I’d mind wasting two hours at work on a Thursday :rofl:


I finish at 130 on thurs so that suits me perfectly!

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Get voting then :slight_smile:

INsanely excited for some quizzing!

I will participate now that I understand the format is not like poINtless

but my day off is Thursday. Go Thursday!


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IN the bleak midwinter


What’s my name? h-e-x and I be the best
You see the rest they looking like they need a rest
One more time, I’ma spit at you some shit
That’s gon get at you be fuckIN with your quiz



It’s looking like Friday is the preferred day, I’ll give it until the close of play today before confirming.

Around 60 requests for questions so far. At some point I might start summoning regulars from the last season who have yet to show an interest…

im confused, is this happening a week on thu?

It’s begINnINg to look a lot like quizmas

Can you pair us up randomly so we can have some ROASTED FESTIVE BEEF with someone?

I’ll take you on/down

IT’S ON! :muscle: