AQOS end of 2018 2-part special!



I’ve marked your answers before, it’s in the bag :shushing_face:


I’m going to switch the date to Friday, but its still happening next week (the 7th)


The only thing in the bag is your answers being BOILED!


Yeah cause I’ll be cooking up a perfect score!


Can’t remember who I started beeving with in the last quiz. Whoever it was, then once again I’m going to be far too midtable for you to deal with.


oh well thats even more confusing, but more convenINent. maybe get the OP edited?


Might have been me

Good luck with that this time


I’d like to say well done, but I really mean blue. Consider yourself served (and returned).


@moderators would someone be able to change the OP? If the bit in bold could now read the deadline for the answers will be 11.59 p.m. on Wednesday the 5th of December, with the answers coming Friday the 7th at 1.30 p.m. and also could the thread title be changed to “Answers now on Friday 7th”? Thanks a bunch


Yeah, why not


Deadline tomorrow (this a reminder to myself as much as anything!)


I’ve thought about question two every day since sending my answers in. I’m so unhappy with my answer, and still can’t figure out what I should have gone for. I’ve got a feeling I’m missing something ridiculously obvious.

It’s eating me up inside. I just want this whole thing to be over.


Yeah, there’s a couple I think I’ve completely forked. On the whole, I think I’ve got a strong set of answers, but will probably blow it.

Or is this just mind games to put off my rivals. Who knows?


My bro @pabswikk wants to take part but I don’t think he has permissions to message @wonton for the questions. Can any @moderators help out? He’s not a troll I promise


I can vouch for him vouching for me. If that helps.


@wonton should be able to send them, any problems just @ me


LookINg forward to this. Lots of people in, quizmaster?


Currently 55 replies, waiting on 20 people to return with answers today. I think I’ve messaged everyone who i’m waiting for, but still this acts as a general reminder. Also still sending out questions to any last-minuters

Reminder also that the quiz is now on Friday the 7th of December at 1.30 p.m.


now is the wINter of my disconTWOnt


Forgot about this but will do my answers later. Thanks for the reminder