AQOS Episode 7/8 - Question Sign Up

It was one of the little delights of the scoring process :slight_smile: sitting there giggling at the comedy answers (deliberate and accidental)


I’m the first couple of rounds I was a bit too generous and nudged some people away from obviously silly mistakes. Not any more!

You’ve changed…

wINter I is here

Weekend BUMP!

45ish in

actually feeling reasonably confident this week for the first time in a while. can’t wait til my confidence turns out to be misplaced and i have another absolute shocker.

The sun swept park was full of hammerINg and sawINg and shouts and bursts of laughter

Oh, just in case anyone is wondering, Q6 refers to the Oscars.

thINk I’ve fucked it

Monday bump - this weeks quiz is proper easy, no tricky questions I promise.



If that film had won Best Picture I would straight up be trying to get you quizbanned for discussing the questions!

Friday afternoon this week- AQOS and the World Cup 2018 draw. Ooft.


In a sense, you’re the one discussing the questions


Hmm. Tbf you are a senior rank to me (bronze vs 8th) so I shall back down.

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You’d think FIFA would know better than to try and schedule against the biggest event in the sporting calendar.

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Last call for INtrants - you can still sign up but answers must be in by 5pm tonight.

IN IN IN (please).

ExpectINg to scrape a mid-table fINish this week

gettINg a [redacted] of [redacted] on my [redacted]