AQOS Episode 9 The Answers


It Friday, it’s time to quiz! Hope you’ve done all your work for the day because it’s time to stop. First answer from 1:30. Will post leaderboards from Q4 and then every 3 questions.

There’s a few questions near the end that may cause some carnage, feel free to moan but it won’t change nothing :wink:. Sledging of fellow contestants is encouraged.




I’m too hot.






hope you all like LOSING AT THE QUIZ


No fiendish singles today baaaby!


I think you are talking to a mirror (or possibly two or more mirrors if you can see more than one loser, for the loser is you).


Waayowayowayowayoway its the Quiz


:crossed_fingers:Looking for a top 50 finish this week :crossed_fingers:


How very exciting, bad luck to everyone x


The organisers are experiencing some technical difficulties, please bear with us.


I hope you all realise that I put the best answer for every question, and none of you did.





Oh wait what? I must have signed up wrongly :frowning:


I see you


Is there a list of competitors anywhere? Asking for a friend.




how did you sign up?


Always wondered who eventually won that game of noughts and crosses