🐍 AQOS IX: a nice time was had by all

Ooft. Humdinger. There was only a point between us this week…

Going to be tough travelling to the Dino Arena, but with fans still unable to attend I’m hoping the home advantage won’t be a big factor this time out.


That’s my best ever score! At this rate, I’ll be winning in 2021. Gotta win something in 2021, I guess. Thanks @joke!

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Just caught up with this. Yay I won. Brilliant stuff. Can’t believe people put Hitler. What do they teach the kids in school nowadays?


Something about Germany that messes with AQOSers heads, wasn’t it top answer for the “Name a landlocked country” question?


Two world wars and one fiendish single doo dah doo dah

Him and Arnie! Both Australians innit.


Only just been able to catch up with the second half of this quiz! A slightly boring game from myself there - no fiendish, no highs. But chuffed with getting this far in the cup - now happy to watch the next leg somewhat out the rat race haha. Thanks @Joke!

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