AQOS S08E01: Results!

Thanks all for the PMs, a record turnout this time around!

I’ll be revealing the results from noon today!


Q8 was well cruel

Q8: An expression of cruelty (Well cruel = 0)

no discussion of the answers!

In conclusion, everyone’s a winner

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Just remember, folks: wrong answers are still answers.

Do I get a receipt or anything for the £50 entry fee you asked for in that DM?


Phew, thanks.

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Its very nice of you to volunteer to host, can’t wait for the rest of the series

I know we’re not supposed to discuss the questions, but I’m not convinced that “what is a metaphysical concept, discuss” is really in the spirit of AQOS.


And Question 5: How dare you? is a bit much.


how does this thing work? Is there a thread with rules explanation? It’s always passed me by

  1. You get given a series of questions
  2. You have to answer with what you think will be the most common answer given by everyone entering that week.
  3. You score 1 point for every person who gives the same answer as you. So if only you and I say “spring” for the question “a season”, we both get 2 points.
  4. UNLESS you are the only person with your answer - in that case you get the score for the most popular answer for that question subtracted from your score.
  5. Person with the most points after 15 questions gets a shiny badge.

oh this is fun and novel!

How do I play?

@ma0sm will post a thread when the questions for S8E02 are ready.


thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Totally missed AQOS this time :frowning:

Wait is this a serious thread…?

I did tell Ma0sm he should have posted the questions thread on the social board and not in the lounge, but he wouldn’t listen.