AQoS: Self-Isolation Edition III: AQoS With A Vengeance (Preliminary Thread)

Morning AQoSers,

Due to annoying work commitments I am resting AQoS for a week; look out for the sign-up thread next week. In the meantime, I wanted to request your help, and also offer a thought…

  • Questions: Thinking of a decent set of 15, ideally avoiding ones that have been used previously, can be a bit of a ball-ache tbh. So, please can I ask that, between now and next week, you PM me any ideas for Qs that I can include in the next (and maybe subsequent) quiz(zes) - Ta
  • Googling - The thorny issue of googling answers came up in last weeks answer thread. This has been an acceptable thing to do for a good number of years now and I (and previous quizmasters) have included this in ‘questions’ thread when I set out the rules.
    A thought I have had for next time (and subsequent times if it works) is to ask that when players submit answers they confirm if they have used Google to help with any of them. I would then indicate this in the league tables. I don’t believe this would take anything away from the quiz as a whole but it would add an additional level in which the AQoS Purists could participate.
    What d’ya think?

Call me a spicy nugget but how about if we just don’t use google at all?


I did consider this. My feeling is that there may be, say, one question that is totally outside of someone’s field of knowledge: the one about cricket in last week’s is a good example. I would rather allow it in that instance if it was the difference between someone winning or losing, or worse still, not playing at all


Hhmm sure yeah, but in any other quiz scenario you wouldn’t look up the answer, or possible set of answers

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I still don’t understand why googling when you’re stuck is a problem, it doesn’t help ypu guess what other disers will answer???

Like I had to google for the cricket question for example, because I legit have no clue what anything is called in cricket or what it even is. Even though I could name one cricket related thing, doesn’t mean I knew what most disers associate with whatever the question was.


We’ve been over this i know, but I use google where i have no idea about the question. For example the female marvel characters one, i didn’t know a single one. I googled and it was no help towards my score, because it was a 1 pointer, but it saved me being too embarrassed to submit my answers because I literally couldn’t answer. If we don’t allow googling i will be bailing out of a lot more of these because I don’t find it fun to look like an idiot giving wildly incorrect answers.


Would also say that even in the case of something like most common dog breeds or trees or whatever, google will just give you a list of things and you still have to try and guess what most other disers will go for. I’ve definitely gotten completely wrong guesses even after googling.

It’s almost like this is a completely different format to a standard pub quiz!?!


I have also specified in a couple of question about something being common to the British Isles which would potentially cause issues for DiSers from outside UK/Ireland

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i mean as long as there are no questions about things that no one knows anything about, like london or sport, theres no need to use google


When I started playing AQOS on the old boards, googling was allowed by that point, so I’ve not known any different.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten the ‘right’ answer after googling, and like others have said really don’t think it gives you an advantage. It’s not like you can google ‘What will be the most picked answer among Dissers?’ This isn’t the sort of quiz that has a right answer anyway, so there’s no possible way to cheat really without actually looking at people’s responses.

That said, I don’t really care either way! It’s just a bit of silly fun, with or without the option to google. Don’t think collectively we need to torture ourselves over it too much. (Not to belittle anyone’s opinions or the effort you’ve been putting in @NoahVale)


Yup, exactly

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This is key. I remember in the early(ish) days of AQoS one of the questions was ‘Who are the best band in the world’ and the top answer was ‘Animal Collective’

I rest my case :roll_eyes:


All the googlers always bring up times they googled and it hasn’t helped. Never mention any time it has helped.

It helped me being able to say the name of a (wrong) cricket thing

I also personally think it would be weird to include who’s googled in the results etc, cause like, it’s either allowed or it’s not.


It’s less of a help and more a means of sparing myself embarrassment so i can actually play


(I dont really care but)

Its pretty obvious google would help. You get a choice of options you might not have thought of.

Googling doesn’t provide an unfair advantage and enables more people to play. Wish people would stop being weird about this


Not always helpful in my experience…

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