AQoS: Self-Isolation Edition Pt 2: The Bloodening - Questions Thread (Deadline for answers: Tues 14th April at 6pm)

Following the success of AQoS last week it would seem churlish not to do it again.

For anyone who hasn’t played before - you will be given 15 questions. All you have to do is guess what the most popular answer to all the questions will be, kind of like Family Fortunes, only with DiSers.

You get the same number of points per question as the total number of people who gave the same answer as you. For example if the question is:

“Name a soft drink”

and 82 people including you said:


you would get 82 points.

The person with the most points after all 15 answers have been revealed wins the AQoS crown and the undying respect of your peers. Current champion is @svenrokk

For those that have played before, I have done away with the Fiendish Single Rule. This is pure AQoS, the original and the best.

The 1st Rule Of AQoS is… No discussing the questions/answers on here!

The 2nd Rule Of AQoS is… (etc etc)

The 3rd Rule Of AQoS is RTFQ (you know who you are…)

Googling is permissible.

How to play:

SEND ME A PM to receive the questions and then send the answers back by 6PM TUESDAY 14th APRIL. Posting ‘IN’ does not mean I will send you the questions; PM me :+1:

The answers and winner will be announced from lunchtime onwards on FRIDAY 17th APRIL.

Good luck AQoSers!


Yesssss! Nice one NV.

@steved ur ass is mine


You wonderful man. Innnnnnnnn.

Can’t wait to talk more about how peanut butter is a replacement for actual butter. IN

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You seem like a decent guy, Tuna, but I’m going to make orphans of your children.


Can’t wait to steal @kermitwormit’s lunch money again. In.

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Save it for Thursday

And a badge. Don’t forget the badge.


Also, Has anyone used BloodenINg yet?

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Hi @moderators

Can you stick a pin in this? - Thanks

thINk i’ve fucked it

Thanks col :+1:

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Let it be known that I’m only hanging abOUT in this thread so as to unpin it. Quizzing indeed, in this day and age.

I’m sure you’ll have quite the afternoon

INto the groove of the quiz life

I’m gonna be keeping my eye on you Mr Avery, if that IS your real name.

Why of course it is, Mr Colinz, Don’t worry, you’ll have no trouble from me. No trouble at all. except for maybe some low level troubles.