AQOS Series X Episode 1

Roll up, roll up, the quiz is back in town. With some differences.

You know the basic gist…you answer with the answer you think the most people would give. You are awarded the same number of points as the number of players who gave your answer. For example, if the question was “a superhero” and you and 50 others said “Superman” you would be awarded 51 points.


If no one else gave the same answer as you, instead of being awarded 1 point you will be deducted the number of points that the top answer for that question scored. For example, if “Superman” was the top answer to the aforementioned question, scoring 51 points, but you said Wonder Woman (and no one else did) you would score minus 51.

You have the opportunity to use two coins once per game: “double” and “top”. Double will mean you score double your number of points for that question. Top will mean you automatically score the number of points the top answer scored for that question. You play these by writing “double” or “top” next to the applicable answers.

Do NOT include numbers or questions along with your answers. Failure to abide by this rule may mean your answers are not accepted.

PM me for the q’s. There are now 10 q’s per quiz.



When’s the deadline for answers?


Some INteresting additions to the rules!

Assuming this doubles negative points in the event of a fiendish

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Stupid phobe.

QuizzINg :heart_eyes:


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This legit? I’ve fallen for a prank AQOS before, made me really upset. Was expecting @laelfy to announce the new host in a lavish ceremony.

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Looking back over past AQOSs because I’m a dork, and this did me.


What’s this now?

yeah is this actually going to happen this time? IN if so

This has nothing to do with me

Hello, new forum user @One2One

You know, I was thinking of offering to host a one off AQOS as a Christmas raffle prize. Winner gets to pick all 15 questions.


If @laelfy and @roastthemonaspit were okay with it

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Hey guys who wants to buy into the early release of QuizCoin my new ICO for quizzers looking to integrate blockchain technology into their quizzing


Not again!

INsanely excited, if this is legit