AQOS Series X Episode 1


Let’s just see…

Edit: my hunch is it’s OvertakenByTractors which is fine for AQOS because he either invented it or was the main runner IIRC.

But he’s also had trouble staying on here for long without getting himself banned… I’m impressed he’s been here for as long as he has this time, TBH.

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1:1 DMed me with ten questions. I told him: you don’t buy a ticket, you don’t get to pick it! (Them. The questions for AQOS).

Yep it’s definitely him.

No laelfy, no likey

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he was the second host, sharpyetblunt was the original mastermind.

official AQOS biographer


Thanks Icks my man!

Have we established the validity of this yet?

I mean unless Russian trolls are really going out there I’m assuming it will actually happen.

always up for an AQOS but if this is OBT the boring troll that’s been banned hundreds of times then you can keep it


Are we allowed to ask which DiSer the OP is?

Time to fess up

It’s OBT

Ah, okay.

In that case, ahm oooot.

You down with OBT?

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Who here has got the questions and submitted out of interest?

  • I’ve received the questions and submitted my answers.
  • I’ve not received the questions.
  • Ive received the questions but not submitted yet.
  • I don’t do the quiz because i hate fun.

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Pretty sure there was an AQoS for which answers were submitted by people but OBT (i think/assume) got banned/lost interest before it was actually ran. Could have been June 2017 judging by my sent messages, or I could be totally mis-remembering.

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Yeah I’m #teamjapes on this one.

Yep, it was a general election special. I got all excited and then it never happened, which is why I questioned this one.

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WillINg to give it a go

(he)X to the motherfucking (qui)Z