AQOS Shambles Edition I: THE PRE-GAME

Thanks to everyone that has taken part, including debutants:
Blind_Pilot’s TV, dodecalicious, Pate_smith, AQOS inventor s_y_b (the real one or a OBT alt, who knows?), Scout. Shyguy20138, Sulawesi and Trev!

Here’s the big news. We’ll be running a TAG TEAM CUP alongside the next run of AQOS. If you entered this week and you’re in the top 64 of the historical AQOS table, you’ve been randomly paired with a partner.

Here’s the teams:

Team Teammate 1 Teammate 2
1 JUNINHO10 froglet
2 he_2 badmanreturns
3 The_Excession allisfulloflove
4 Avocado Bob Rickerton
5 maggieloveshopey Stupidsexyflanders
6 rainmaker colinzealuk
7 mildmanneredjanitor chadders
8 littlebirds NoahVale
9 FunkyBadger bluto
10 colinfilth OhHeck
11 Beeswing p_a_u_l
12 AcceptanceIII zorb
13 japes SpessMareen
14 lastdino Fappable
15 kermitwormit Chuff
16 blind_pilot hexagram
17 jont2001 laelfy
18 urbanfox AphexTwinkletoes
19 Phattrien Boneworm
20 roastthemonaspit twentynine
21 TheWza Slicky
22 Thewarn keith
23 SleepingCapybara hip_young_gunslinger
24 Dingaling Steved
25 nemrac aboynamedgoo
26 badcustard Jarvis
27 Icarus-Smicarus tuna
28 andyvine HotBeefTrauma
29 gonad laika
30 Aggpass Colon_Closed_Bracket
31 JaguarPirate wecehockeyhawer
32 TKC TVDenimChap

And the fixtures:

Team 1 Team 2
2 he_2 badmanreturns vs. 13 japes SpessMareen
32 TKC TVDenimChap vs. 23 SleepingCapybara hip_young_gunslinger
11 Beeswing p_a_u_l vs. 15 kermitwormit Chuff
7 mildmanneredjanitor chadders vs. 18 urbanfox AphexTwinkletoes
3 The_Excession allisfulloflove vs. 20 roastthemonaspit twentynine
19 Phattrien Boneworm vs. 10 colinfilth OhHeck
21 TheWza Slicky vs. 26 badcustard Jarvis
4 Avocado Bob Rickerton vs. 17 jont2001 laelfy
5 maggieloveshopey Stupidsexyflanders vs. 12 AcceptanceIII zorb
27 Icarus-Smicarus tuna vs. 6 rainmaker colinzealuk
29 gonad laika vs. 24 Dingaling Steved
22 Thewarn keith vs. 30 Aggpass Colon_Closed_Bracke
1 JUNINHO10 froglet vs. 16 blind_pilot hexagram
25 nemrac aboynamedgoo vs. 14 lastdino Fappable
8 littlebirds NoahVale vs. 28 andyvine HotBeefTrauma
31 JaguarPirate wecehockeyhawer vs. 9 FunkyBadger bluto

Formatting ain’t great but there you go.

Who will make it through the first round? FIND OUT ON FRIDAY AT 1PM


Come on @keith. @aggpass has already killed me once this week. NEVER AGAIN.

@colon_closed_bracket looks like you picked the wrong day to give up losing at quizzes


Was trying to work out who ‘avocado bob’ was.


there’s five beeves I’m aware of:

kermitwormit vs. scott_chegg
aggpass vs. zorb
whiterussian vs. ma0sm
twentynine vs. tuna
fka_shiggs vs. wecehockeyhawer

chegg hasn’t entered so that’s 1-0 to kermit

plenty of drama in those other matches


@andyvine I’m so so sorry in advance


Aggpass and ccb

Breaking balls and taking names.

And eating ass

And winning AQoS


@boothyfearssatan has just delivered the final results to me

there’s going to be a lot of heartbreak at some of the groupings, soz


We are beefing
We are beefing
Oh such beeves
Cross the seas
I am beefing
With IceHockey
Who will lose
Will it be me?


Yesssssss @roastthemonaspit :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


But I’m so bad at this game! I apologise in advance for dragging you down with me.


We’ll be a perfect team! We’re only playing The Sexsession and Allisfullofmauve. Easy 0-150 away win for Team 20 and then we have celebratory craft ales :beers:

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This is all going to end in tears.

I love it.


How come I don’t get a team? :confused:

Samesies. I guess were not league table enough

Want to join my own team?

Called All the Young Dudes ofc


Yes please!

Early 70s German experimental/prog rock outfit


Yep neither of you are in the top64 overall, soz

Dont worry this fact is definitely not news to me


believe achieve baby :dizzy: also what is this? how does this work? do i have to do anything?

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No, your scores will be combined and played off against your opponents to decide who goes through, you don’t have to do anything extra