AQOS Shambles VI: The Questions

Thanks! Dropped down to 12th for a week there but fortunately the filth edition seems to have played to my strengths!

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Already ready for the answers to begIN (+TV… possibly twice)


having a well good friday night

AQOS (2)


I’ve only bloody gone and submitted my answers for this edition of the quiz! IN

button gwINnett

In. Looking forward to finishing near last, again.

Thanks @AQOS

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In in in


Back (and averager than ever!) after sittINg the last one out!

Return to INnocence


INtending to do considerably better this week but still expect mediocrity

HopINg not to be an abject failure

I am “in”, as they say

Dropped from 2nd to 8th in the Shambles League because I’m so unsexy. :slightly_frowning_face:

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In, trying to regain my place in the top 15

I am in. And predict that I will be 58th.

I’m IN.

Last time was my first, how do I see how well I did as I’ll not be in the overall leaderboards