🤣 AQOS Shambles XI: Locky-d II during the pando edition. RESULTS ON THURSDAY EVENING, DEADLINE WEDNESDAY


You will be given 15 questions. All you have to do is guess what the most popular answer to all the questions will be, kind of like Family Fortunes, only with DiSers.

You get the same number of points per question as the total number of people who gave the same answer as you. For example if the question is:

“Name a soft drink”

and 82 people including you said:


you would get 82 points.

The person with the most points after all 15 answers have been revealed wins the AQoS crown and the undying respect of your peers.

The Fiendish Single Rule does apply

Googling is permissible.

Discussing the questions/answers is not allowed.

The decisions of the quizmaster are final

How to play:
Go to the following link, enter your answers, done. Once the form is submitted you will not be permitted to change answers.



You have until 8pm on Sunday 8th November to get your answers in.

Answers on Monday 9th November


Former medallists:

Gold Silver Bronze
Ep1 Smee The_Excession Aggpass
Ep2 SpessMareen ChorizoPasta aboynamedgoo
Ep3 The_Excession NoahVale lastdino
Ep4 froglet thedistrict gonad
Ep5 badcustard aboynamedgoo thewarn
Ep6 TheWza thedistrict chadders
Ep7 Jeremys_Iron TVDenimChap Acceptanceiii
Ep8 infinite_jest safebruv DontJonesMe
Ep9 eltham The_Excession cutthelights
X-Mas 2018 thewarn TheWza Icarus-smicarus
Isolation I svenrokk blind_pilot SleepyCapybara
Isolation II Jarvis unlucky jont2001
Isolation III rainmaker Grievoustim / jont2001
Shambles I p_a_u_l Juninho10 aggpass/chadders
Shambles II OhHeck icarus-smicarus wasted
Shambles III tuna NoahVale OhHeck
Shambles IV AphexTwinkletoes beastie colon_closed_bracket / McGarnagle
Shambles V allisfulloflove OhHeck laika
Shambles VI Greenerharris Steved chadders
Shambles VII paulo13 freshpickings he_2
Shambles VIII Acceptanceiii Aggpass nemrac
Shambles IX beastie stupidsexyflanders TKC
Shambles X thewarn hip_young_gunslinger zorb

The answers coming on my birthday? Nice. Looking forward to all the free bonus points.


We have the semi-finals of the Morrisons Shield too! Wow!!

Morrisons Shield Semi Finals
@laika vs. @blind_pilot
@aggpass vs. @greenerharris
zorb & acceptanceiii won the tag cup earlier in the run, who will join them as cup winners?

Aaaand with just two more Shambles editions to go, the overall Shambles leaderboard:

1 Aggpass 6824
2 Steved 6813
3 laika 6763
4 blind_pilot 6760
5 lastdino 6713
6 allisfulloflove 6676
7 AcceptanceIII 6628
8 McGarnagle 6622
9 paidinfull 6472
10 zorb 6450
11 froglet 6433
12 Icarus-Smicarus 6431
13 Jarvis 6385
14 chadders 6383
15 andyvine 6343
16 NoahVale 6331
17 nemrac 6288
18 hip_young_gunslinger 6270
19 beastie 6268
20 chuff 6253
21 laelfy 6251
22 BobRickerton 6247
23 Slicky 6227
24 jont2001 6227
25 boneworm 6207
26 HotBeefTrauma 6193
27 SleepyCapybara 6187
28 AphexTwinkletoes 6109
29 mildmanneredjanitor 6108
30 p_a_u_l 6079
31 wasted 6072
32 phattrien 5902
33 tuna 5899
34 OhHeck 5879
35 almal100 5835
36 aboynamedgoo 5794
37 badmanreturns 5766
38 SmittenMittens 5763
39 drastic_measures 5748
40 billy_jizz 5713
41 gonad 5689
42 TKC 5683
43 elthamsmateowen 5660
44 roastthemonaspit 5538
45 JaguarPirate 5536
46 barleysugar 5521
47 greenerharris 5500
48 friendofthenight 5437
49 Octobadger 5404
50 fappable 5373

Plenty of time for things to change at the top

Can I just say, “Yay!”


thanks, joke

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sorry about the questions btw, that well has run dry

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Oh yeah, IN

You’ve definitely jumped the shark with this one.


can i put myself as an answer

I’m an AQOS virgin. Better late than never!


I never played Final Fantasy 11 but I know it was the first one that was online



Disser questions suck btw


Well I know who I’m not voting for ‘name a kind DiSer’


dINgers Jr

dINgers Sr


I’ve just submitted. Can’t wait for those big points.