AQOS - The Return - Ep 1/? - The Questions

Annnnnd…IT’S TIME TO QUIZ!!!

For anyone who hasn’t played before - you will be given 15 questions. All you have to do is guess what the most popular answer to all the questions will be. You get the same number of points per question as the total number of people who gave the same answer as you. For example if the question is " Name a soft drink" and 100 people including you said “Coca-cola” you would get 100 points. The fiendish rule is - if no one else answers the same as you, you will be deducted the number of points that the top answer scored. The person with the most points wins.

No discussing the questions/answers on here. Googling is permissible - after all the skill is knowing what your fellow dissers are likely to say.

How to play: send me a pm to receive the questions and then send the answers back by 5pm THURSDAY 31st AUGUST. The answers and winner will be announced from lunchtime onwards the next day.

Lurkers and newbies encouraged. No haters.


The hunt for the Big Nothing continues.

Controversial ACTUAL ruling on this?

Yeah - you can’t ever stop people from doing it, and half the skill is second guessing what the DiS audience would answer. I’m ok with it.

Oh sure, I just think part of the fun was there not being a ruling and watching the two sides argue about it on the sidelines.


We’ll just switch to arguing over whether there should be a ruling or not


16 quizzers signed up in the first half hour, good start!

New seasIN!

I just hope this one is real. Was so upset when the electIN one turned out to be fake.

There clearly should be. It is good for the rules of AQOS to be visible to all.

Yeah it’s real, I fell for the last one :frowning:

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It’s a shame in a way because it removes some of the chance for fiendish singles - people who not might’ve double checked an answer was actually legit and gone way off the reservation might be more conservative now.

How many people do you think were sticking to the no google rule? If it turns out to have an impact I’ll reinstate it for next time.

Maybe not many, a few purists perhaps. I don’t mind it. If you’re daft enough to put the answers some people put (Germany for “A landlocked country” then maybe even Google can’t save you.

someone said germany was a landlocked country on that new bradley walsh game show thing last night. is it a commonly held belief that germany is landlocked?

I guess people just kind of picture it in the middle of Europe and forget about the whole Baltic thing.

No googlINg!

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BoxINg promotes violence

Edit: I replied to the person not the thread :frowning:

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Quiz is for twats.

So I’m IN IN IN!


32 in so far!

Including a couple who voted against its return. :thinking:

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