AQOS - The Return - Ep 2/? - The Questions


Looking over the previous 15 questions I’m not sure living in London necessarily makes the only London centric question (about boroughs) much easier to answer.


Only 13 in so far, c’mooooon



Where’s the questions man I need my quiz fix




No discussing the questions!


To be or not to be, that is the ban request


DM me!


not going to wIN


I’ve finally come over from the old board just to AQOS but I can’t seem to DM :frowning:

Please let me IN


I have totally just submitted my answers.


@1101010 - can you boost their level to let them send a DM?


Just hang around for 24 hours and post a few times. You should be fine!


Ah well I have done as @colinzealuk asked and boosted @SpessMareen to level 1.

Please note if it turns out this was a mistake for some reason :smiley:


I accept no liability any repercussions resulting from my ideas :slight_smile:


I remember his name from when @plasticniki and I used to rule AQOS as Team Ballbreaker. I think you’re safe :slight_smile:


It certainly makes you more likely to know the names of several London boroughs (I actually had the top answer for that one if I’d remembered to submit on time, this round’s London question is baffling though)


I will do no more discussing of questions except to say that I don’t think anyone could hold Googling against you on this one even if you are a non-Googler by nature.

In general, though, all questions suffer from this. There are only so many ‘universal’ things out there, which is why I’ve always been fine with people Googling. It doesn’t usually help, mainly because it’s about a hive mind not just an answer that is correct.


yeah I googled it tbh and still had absolutely no idea. just guessed on it


I look forward to a fun discussion when the answers are posted :smiley: