AQOS - The Return - Ep 2/? - The Questions


Like it! Going to have to squeeze Scotland in somehow.


You have to send a message to @RoastTheMonaSpit



Hey @roastthemonaspit! This is message.


Name a chippy DiSer



This is your final warning! Will stop accepting answers at 1pm tomorrow. Still waiting for answers from the below, unless something has gone wrong in which case, shout! (1/3)









Oh crap! Will get mine in later!


Me too!!


Has @elthamsmateowen got his answers in this time?


FirmINo misses the penalty


Sorry! Furiously finishing my answers now. Oooh the stress


I dont really understand the rules. Sorry guys.


I’m going to assume you’re being genuine… for every question simply pick the answer that you think will be most popular - it’s not hard, you just need to get into the mindset of a disser.


At least one sINgle!


He has!


@AphexTwinkletoes have you given yours in all the way over in Greece?


Already sent mine in I thought! Will send again as an individual PM


Shit you did, sorry! Admin error.


Just about to!