AQOS - The Return - Ep 4/? - The Questions




oh no, how did I end up in a quiz?



Death to all googlers!!!


No. He came on board, but was developINg another project and went back to that after a few weeks. So he never really actively did anythINg.


INterested IN taking part IN the quiz


Has anyone ever got a 15 answer straight sweep? I reckon I have this week.


Oofft, such confidence!!


Monday bump


Tuesday bump


Not feeling very confidINt about some of these…


In even though I’m not even going to be able to watch the drama unfold live :smiley:


Maximum negative points possible with serious answers? I’m not sure it can be done but my fingers are crossed for you.


There are quizzes when I feel that this would be the more productive approach, because I just know I’m going to fail miserably. This is close to being one of those times.


IN it. Innit.


Thought I made them easier this week but still getting a lot of displeasure. More of a ballbreaker than I realised.


I don’t envy you! Still unsure exactly what constitutes a fizzy drink mind…


Some seem quite easy, some really hard. Perfect!


Found week 2 easier, but all part of the fun really, INnit?




Meant to say, when submitting your answers, if you can please only submit the answer and nothing else (ie dont repeat the question or question number)