AQOS - The return (Ep 6 of 8) - The Questions


Annnnnd…IT’S TIME TO QUIZ!!!

For anyone who hasn’t played before - you will be given 15 questions. All you have to do is guess what the most popular answer to all the questions will be. You get the same

number of points per question as the total number of people who gave the same answer as you. For example if the question is " Name a soft drink" and 100 people including you

said “Coca-cola” you would get 100 points. The fiendish rule is - if no one else answers the same as you, you will be deducted the number of points that the top answer scored.

The person with the most points wins.

No discussing the questions/answers on here. Googling is permissible - after all the skill is knowing what your fellow dissers are likely to say.

How to play: SEND ME A PM to receive the questions and then send the answers back by 10am THURSDAY 16TH NOVEMBER. The answers and winner will be announced from lunchtime onwards on Friday 17 November. When submitting your answers, please only submit the answer and nothing else (ie please don’t repeat the question or question number)


wINter quizzing!


Walter SwINburn


oh gosh I need to stop missing these :frowning:

Finally gotten over my exceptional fall from grace.


It’s November the nINth


(hex) Rearrange the whole game with my rugged sound
(hex) Won’t even say your own name when I come around
(hex) Stay on top but remaIN from the underground
(hex) to the quiz and we all IN the family


Very pleased it’s not me havINg to collate all the answers this week.


6 of 8 :frowning:

I’m getting Quizdrawal symptoms already.


INdefatigably on board.

Roasty have you and @laelfy got a team nickname? I know ccb and niki were Team Ballbreaker so I’d like to put forward Team Ballbag for you 2. Let me know your thoughts.


Seems needlessly crass. I like it.


:smiley: :smiley:


FINal answers submitted.


ThINking I’ll do better this time :ok_woman:t5:


HopINg for another top 10 finish




:wave: :kissing_heart:


I would like to play too (IN)


DM me please


Just looked at the questions for the first time, there’s some toughies! Good work roastie.


Will be away trampINg when the results come in, which will be amusing if I win.
(I won’t win).