(Ar Fish) Banal?

Ar Fish Banal?

Alan Fish Bar.

Big fan of prosaic shop names. There’s a curry and pizza place in a village north of Cambridge called Curry And Pizza.


Well spotted! Classic Ely/Alan.

Does he think the place is called Sids not Sid’s fish and chips but you can get Sids’s fish and chips there?

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Maybe his name is Lars Sidnusson but everyone calls him Sids for short. In which case, he’s gone for a slightly clumsy but just about permittable contraction.

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Classic Lars.

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I know. Lars’ Bar would have worked just fine. Proper fucked it up.

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A hobby of mine is to go over Google maps looking for funny place names - one night this turned up…


There’s an odds n ends shop near where I live called ‘99p + OR LESS’ which makes me chuckle


eating a burrito for my ‘lunch’. guess how many i’ve had this week

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5+
  • nobody gives a shit
  • it’s not lunch you fucking idiot

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Just down the road from here?

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the correct answer was 3. thank you for playing.