(Ar Fish) Banal?


Ar Fish Banal?

Alan Fish Bar.

Big fan of prosaic shop names. There’s a curry and pizza place in a village north of Cambridge called Curry And Pizza.


ELY!!! <3


Well spotted! Classic Ely/Alan.


Here’s a favourite mindmangling bit of grammar from Tunny Wells


Does he think the place is called Sids not Sid’s fish and chips but you can get Sids’s fish and chips there?


Maybe his name is Lars Sidnusson but everyone calls him Sids for short. In which case, he’s gone for a slightly clumsy but just about permittable contraction.


Classic Lars.


I know. Lars’ Bar would have worked just fine. Proper fucked it up.


A hobby of mine is to go over Google maps looking for funny place names - one night this turned up…


There’s an odds n ends shop near where I live called ‘99p + OR LESS’ which makes me chuckle


eating a burrito for my ‘lunch’. guess how many i’ve had this week

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5+
  • nobody gives a shit
  • it’s not lunch you fucking idiot

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Just down the road from here?


the correct answer was 3. thank you for playing.