Arab strap - barrowlands

i’ve got a spare ticket for their gig on saturday 15th october date at the barras

face value obviously, gies a shout if you want it?

Hmm tempted. Got ticket for Sunday but could go Saturday as well. Will let you know next week if it’s still available.

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aye man just gies a shout, if I shift it in the meantime I’ll post on here to let ye know

tickets still going

(thread hijack sorry)

i’m also selling a ticket for the Manchester gig for a tenner if anyone’s interested (cos i’m going to barrowlands instead)

Might have a pair of Brixton tickets going…please pm me if interested

I’m going to Glasgow for the weekend for it, never been to Barrowlands so I am excited.


never been, amazing. best venue ever in my modest opinion.


it’s particularly wild on a saturday night too

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Same here, though I’m rushing back to Dublin the next day to see Holy Fuck. Then a late night trip home. Gonna be quite a weekend

Aye it’s fucking immense at the weekend :slight_smile:

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My first gig there too.

Amazing, you’ll have a blast :):slight_smile:

First gig at Oran Mor to see Swans tomorrow too

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ticket’s still going if you’re into it?

Still not sure. Meeting up with someone at the weekend but dunno if it will be Friday or Saturday yet. If I’m free I’ll take it and I will let you know as soon as I can.

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nice one just let me know when you do!

Any decent pubs near Barrlowlands?

this place is a 10min walk away -

the pubs directly around the barras are mostly celtic pubs and/or pretty dodgy

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There’s a place round the corner from the barras called St Luke’s, it’s pretty decent.

West Brewery is also worth a shout, that’s maybe 5-10mins walk away, food is good in here too.

All the bars directly across the road from the venue are football pubs, celtic supporters.