Arab strap Manchester ticket for sale



Hi folk,

Unfortunately I can’t go to this but I’m willing to part with my ticket for a tenner of anybody if interested. Meeting in person in town preferable but I can always send it too (add a quid for postage).



Going to move this over to our new classifieds forum for you.


I may be able to take this off your hands yuggy if you still have it. Lemme know if so, and I’ll double check the date is free.

I don’t work fridays, so can usually make it into town during the daytime one week soon if that suits?


Yeah, it’s yours if you’d like it. PM me a time and place for Friday! Ooft


i’m selling a ticket to this show as well as I finally found a ticket for my preferred Glasgow date.

i was hoping to get about £15 for it really (face value was £25 with fees included, but it’s not sold out so trying to sell it for face value is probably a lost cause).

i’m in Belfast but can stick it in the post.

talk to you soon


this ticket is still going and is now a tenner if anyone wants it!