Arab Strap - Manchester


Anyone here going to this tonight? I’m so bloody excited.

It’s been so long since I’ve been to Manchester I don’t know where is good to go for pre-gig and after drinks, any recommendations people?


I’m going!

Not too sure on drinkies - Gorilla across the road is pretty decent, and there are a few places near Oxford Road like Font. If you have time you’re better off in and around the northern quarter. I like Fringe but that’s a long way from the Ritz unfortunately.


Just noticed on twitter it’s an early one. Arab Strap are on at 8 (eight)

Good job i checked because i normally rock up to gigs about 8ias


Was fucking awesome!!


Yeah it was great. The band was so tight and the set list was perfect. Loved the acoustic bit and my missus who isn’t a massive fan really really enjoyed it.


They sounded astonishing in London. Really put some bands who’ve been playing regularly together for years to shame - I love the live sound they’ve found. Glad to hear manc was as good!


Yeah, great setlist choices and finishing with Shy Retirer and Soaps was perfect.

Had the worst of people just behind me though. He talked loudly and consistently throughout every song and then when the song finished he whooped and hollered louder than anyone else as if he’d just heard the most amazing thing ever. Aiden mentioned someone being a cunt at one point and he started chanting ‘cunt, cunt, cunt’ at the top of his voice. Moved forwards a couple of rows but could still hear him, so in the end I turned round at the end of a song and told him to shut up. He looked pretty mortified as if it hadn’t occurred to him that loud talking might be pissing off everyone around him. Didn’t hear anything more from him for the rest of the gig after that.

Other than that it was a great trip down memory lane. 15 years since I last saw them :grinning:


Thanks for the recommendations @jontosh2001. Had to nip off pretty early to get up there but managed to go to Gorilla afterwards for some nice cocktails and off to Northern Quarter.

The show was absolutely incredible, just totally blown away how good they were for a band that has been away for so long, would be an absolute travesty if they don’t play again or at least do some festivals next summer.


I know, it’s sad to think they might not play live again. I really hope they do. Also a live album would be amazing. malcolm described it in an interview as ‘playing our best songs with our best band’ - completely nailed it.


Yeah the band were superb, so many little things in the songs that I never worked out on record but finally realised live, like Aidans drum pads for Dont Ask Me to Dance and TWO BASSES for Cherubs, brilliant.


what were the acoustic request songs in Manchester? it seems to be the only one not on


Who named the days was definitely one


yeah, it was great. wish I’d been sat down or had something to lean on and hadn’t been angry and distracted by the Ched Evans news, but yeah. so happy to have seen them.

‘Turbulence’ was a highlight for me. didn’t play most of the tunes I’d have hoped, but it was just great to be watching them.


played quite a lot of my favs in Glasgow (same set apart from the acoustic bits). i would’ve liked I Would’ve Liked Me A Lot Last Night (yes i would’ve) or Love Detective, but Fucking Little Bastards, Stink, Cherubs, New Birds, Girls of Summer etc…lovely.


I wanted ‘I would’ve…’, too. also ‘Last Orders’, ‘Screaming in the Trees’, ‘Haunt Me’, ‘The Night Before the Funeral’ and ‘My Favourite Muse’. never mind.


I think it was Amor Veneris? Who named the days was definitely the other.