Arbitrary self-imposed rules

  • nothing that makes a lot of noise (e.g. music, instruments, lawnmower) before 10 am or after 9 pm
  • can’t go to Co-op/the corner shop twice in one day unless it really can’t be avoided
  • can’t both order the same thing in a restaurant when out wiv ma banbeano. Can cause an argument if I’ve already decided what I want then she chooses the same thing.

have to walk exactly the same way too or from the park. If I take a different route then the walk is ruined

do you tell her to change her order? :joy:

what’s the thinking behind this?

No, I change mine, then she gets huffy at me for being ridiculous.

Aw that’s kinda sad but it’s not offside
No idea why you’d put yourself through it mind

Means if one meal is substandard or one person doesn’t like theirs then there’s a chance to fix it. I suppose. It’s not really rational.

I’d rather be at home eating a pizza in my pants anyway tbqfh.

ah that makes sense, a contingency plan of sorts


Can’t buy a new videogame until I’ve cleared this backlog of games I’m not even enjoying playing that much

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Can’t believe how much Humble Bundle shite on Steam I’d need to plow through if I did this.


Also, it means that you can try two dishes each in one trip.


Cannot use the letter W on Thursdays.


Promising something to yourself as a reward for doing something else. eg I am saving the building of my lego Saturn 5 until after I have finished sorting through the boxes that are piled up in the spare room.

Someone mentioned FTL on here and I vaguely remembered buying that but never playing it, turns out I bought it in 2013. 2013!

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Always walk back by a different route, something so bleak about going back the way you came.


Takeaway/eating out once a week only.

this was always bound to end up turning into the completely rational decisions thread


Play it now, it’s good.

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no carbs