Arbitrary self-imposed rules


Yep, I’m the same with the ps+ stuff you get every month. Have no desire to play it but have to.

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Actually that’s not the same at all is it?

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this is pretty standard, no? can’t order the same thing as anyone else you’re eating with.

there’s obviously a threshold though. idk 5 people? then it’s okay. guess it depends how much is on the menu too.


When you’re with a big group and most of them order the same thing :scream:

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i don’t give a fuck what anyone else has ordered tbh, if mine comes and it’s shite i wouldn’t be expecting them to share theirs with me

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Never leave the washing up until the next day. I am probably annoying about this.

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An absolute must in a house share imo. No idea why people leave dishes unless they actually want to start a fight

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I’ve got loads, but I break them all the time, so I haven’t really got any

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When hungover always get a big bottle of coke

No alcoholic drinks before noon.


No posting of Twitter content.


Really pissed off one of the neightbours opposite doing some drilling at about 8:30pm on Saturday.
Some South African bloke started shouting. Wasn’t sure he was talking to me until he said “I’ll come and turn your electric off!”
Was going to shout back but then think he might think it is my other neighbour that is having loads of work done, and happy to stitch that guy up!
I was a bit out of order, but who shouts over the fence aggressively at their neighbour? Just come round and say if you have an issue…to the 6ft 7, 17+ stone greek god #comeatmebro!!!

  • You were totally in the wrong, he was fine
  • He sounds a bit mad
  • Why do you have all these issues with your Tory neighbours?

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Unless you’re travelling somewhere on train / plane in which case, go wild.


Don’t get wet
Don’t expose myself to bright light
Don’t feed after midnight


i’m not sharing anything

just weird eating the same thing



what’s the cut off point for a phone call?


If I’m making it? 8.30 pm.

If someone’s phoning me? Please don’t phone me.