Arcade Fire 2017

Number 1 in America and the Uk

*to tracks 1, 2, 4, 9, 11, 12 and 13 A LOT

I don’t know if it’s just me but I ADORE Funeral, but have always found Crown of Love to be pretty cringe

Also, Supersymmetry is absolutely gorgeous and massively underrated imo


It’s the weakest on there, i think. The climax feels a bit tacked on.

Still a decent tune though.

I like Supersymmetry but it feels like a better fit on the Her OST than it does on Reflektor

On that note, looked like they played a song called ‘Dimensions’ from the Her OST at a show recently -

That song is amazing

Nice, I’ll check it out. Maybe they’re planning to finally release that album and claw back some critical favour?


I am in the minority, but for me:

Funeral > Neon Bible >>>>The Suburbs >>>>Reflektor>>>>>>>>>>>Everything Now.

Black Mirror is fucking magical.

Got my sister to listen to the new one and her response was “Where are all their beautiful instruments and chords?”. Quite.


I’d agree with this, not 100% sure about the order of Suburbs vs Reflektor (the more time I give Suburbs the less I like it, and vice versa with Reflektor), but for me Neon Bible is pretty close to Funeral.

didn’t have much of an opinion on Crown of Love until seeing them do it live, quite like it now.

Supersymmetry is ok but not that exciting and twice the length it should be.

What do you like about it? It’s probably my least favourite song of theirs.

The pulsing arpeggio, it feels like this really beautiful current, the lyrics are abstract and soft enough that they don’t take away from the song (I find a lot of recent lyrics by AF to be a bit… em… on the nose) and it builds in a way that is subtle enough that it feels nice and natural and uplifting, and not in a HERE’S THE BIG STADIUM MOMENT PEOPLE kinda way

There’s something about it that feels quite nostalgic and I can’t put my finger on why

Ah see that makes sense, I’d imagine most Arcade Fire songs would be better live to be fair, especially from that era.

That’s fair, tbh it’s probably more an indication on why I didn’t enjoy Reflector that much but loved Her.

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Some friends chatted to the band in NYC, they said they’re definitely planning to release the “Her” soundtrack at some point

I know I’m in the minority in my crowning love for Crown of Love …it is quite histrionic and rather Emo…probably why I like it!


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