Arcade Fire 2017



This is correct.


I’ve just listened to Neon Bible in full for the first time in a while. It’s bloody magnificent. Reflektor never grabbed me, so I think I need to work a bit harder to appreciate it. I’ll give it another try this week.

Does Graham Norton make an appearance on the new album, after Jonathon Ross’s utterly baffling inclusion on the previous one?


Win’s new diss track


Win also said “Sorry for being cunts and taking so long to play here” near the start. brushed up on the local lingo clearly


Or Richard Reed Parry getting the last words of the night in by shouting “great craic!” into the mic.


York Hall was really special. Really small venue, must have been about 900 people there. Arcade Fire set up in the middle of the room as if it were a boxing event (York Hall’s typical events, apparently) and then hopping around the stage. Great atmosphere, crowd in full voice. The Arcade Fire gig I’d always hoped to see really.

As for touts, you needed the original credit card to get tickets. They swiped the card and then the tickets printed off. Seemed fairly tout proof. Hence, perhaps, there seemed to be a decent amount of returns available yesterday afternoon (and maybe today if you keep an eye out for them on twitter).


Sounds great! I’m going tonight, and to Manchester tomorrow.

Was there any support, and what were the stage times?


You’ll have an absolute blast mate. No support. Band comes on at around 9. However, people are queuing from before 7 and you’re just going to spend longer in a queue the later you get there - it took them a long time to get everyone in the venue. Bring an empty bottle or cup and wear shorts because it’s really hot and sweaty in there and the bar queue is too long to really go more than once. Win and Regine definitely spent the most time facing the front (i.e towards the entrance). They move around the stage but that’s where you’ll get the best view of those guys. There’s really not a bad view in the house though. There’s also the balcony where the view would be amazing but the crowd atmosphere a little less buzzy. Enjoy!!


wow, looks tiny


Yup. It was like a school assembly hall. They couldn’t fit their instruments on stage. Crowd was popping off too


Big fan of this

Also to anyone there last night, apparently there was a new song debuted? Any good or of a similar quality to the last two?


Similar quality, unfortunately. Really didn’t grab me


Well, you weren’t wrong about it being hot and sweaty! We were running a bit late and rocked up at 8:40, so had just arrived and were having a look at the merch when the band came on stage. Had an amazing view, and was probably the closest I’ve been to them in gigs going back many years.

So yeah, a fantastic night and I’m psyched about tomorrow!


just seen they’ve played Laika and Headlights the last couple of nights? you pricks.


Headlights Look Like Diamonds being a great song is actually a myth, just dweebos trying to score indie points for liking EP songs. I mean it’s pretty good and that, but there’s loads of better songs they do. Would like to see Laika though.


its definitely no vampire/forest fire, youre right there


They have enough crackers to have a pretty damn strong set. All killer that.


I can see myself in this photo!

As others have said - this was as good a show I’ve seen from them in 12 years. They seemed to be enjoying it so much, and the crowd and atmosphere were brilliant too.


Manchester was absolutely spectacular as well. It was a wonderful venue for them, because it felt like a festival sized stage, but in an area that only held perhaps 5,000 people.


Pretty good, but pretty much the worst venue of all time. I had a nice time though.