Arcade Fire 2017





Manchester gig was great. Thought castlefield was a cracking venue


Thought they and the venue were great. Was braced for it being a hassle to get in, get drinks etc but all well organised and hassle free. Ace weather for an outside gig too.

Hadn’t seen them live since Funeral era, but they were well up for it. Good setlist and finishing on that Love Will Tear Us Apart refrain thing was rather lovely.


Anyone listening to them in the Live Lounge on Radio 1 now? Quite joyous


Moderately euphoric


Yeah this is cracking, I think Everything Now is a certified banger.



This is better than the last two, but there are so many other bands who have nailed down this sound, why did they bother?


Not even convinced it is better than Creature Comfort or Signs of Life. Will give it a couple more spins before deciding I guess


It’s fine and it’s Regime’s only lead but in the grand scheme of her songs it’s pretty meh


Aha! Such a minor and easy mistake to make, and yet so humourous due to the nature of the word you’ve accidentally written!

Gonna listen to it until it reveals itself as the masterpiece it probably is, because Regine songs are the best ones.






christ these singles are mediocre. like, coldplay’s chart pop era level mediocre. finally made the radio 1 daytime playlist though so guess it’s working for them


hey let’s not say things we can’t take back :wink:

also, they’ve been on radio 1 for ages, keep the car running and afterlife were both on it loads, Ready to Start too I think


Think this is probably where I jump off with Arcade Fire tbh. Had a great time at York Hall, which will be the closest I get to seeing them on the Funeral tour, which I always deeply regretted missing. Were this a new band, I’d have no interest at all. Just so far removed from what made the band great now


yeah, it probably isn’t a coincidence they did this tour before the album is out tbh…


This is how I feel too, they’re almost like a different band these days.


But I’d say the album is worth a listen purely for Infinite Content I & II and ‘We Don’t Deserve Love’ which is a genuinely beautiful Funeral-era style song


You doing the review for DiS or got an early copy?