Arcade Fire 2017



The Skinny this time actually


‘Put Your Money on Me’ is a decent dance track too actually, the rest is either rubbish or completely forgettable


Nice one. When does it get posted or are you allowed to give us the gist/score yet?


I guess it would be out soon but I actually did already upthread:


(I hope the actual review I submitted is better written than that, but in my defence I think I wrote that post at like 4 or 5 in the morning when I couldn’t sleep)


Aye, will probably give it one spin to see if there’s anything to salvage.

Think the change is just too jarring. Were these songs by Lorde, I’d probably be all like “well it’s just good pop isn’t it”. But nah, can’t hack it.


Everything Now has somehow made the Radio 1, 2, and 6 Music playlists which is quite an achievement in itself. I genuinely can’t think of any other act who’s done that before.


That makes it seem particularly focus grouped, doesn’t it. Like, “How can we make the music with the broadest possible appeal right now?”


Absolute shite once again.


100% agree with this.

Was fairly on board with Reflektor too, at least in theory, of what they were going for, and James Murphy’s influence etc. Don’t think it was executed that well in the end, but there was some good stuff, and could have been great.

New material sounds like the worst elements of that album. Completely throwaway


pretty much what it is, yep


i remember Neon Bible being massive and all over Radio 1 at the time


Somewhat surprisingly, their highest charting UK single is Rebellion (Lies) - #19.


that is surprising, although that’s when i first heard them so i guess it makes sense


Think their albums always charted pretty well. The Suburbs definitely got #1, maybe reflektor too?


Yeah last couple of albums were number 1. As an album band, they’re easily one of the biggest in the country/world. I just feel like they’ve got increased exposure over time, and definitely don’t remember Rebellion getting played on the radio back then, so that’s why it surprised me.


I think people are being a bit harsh. The whole asethetic seems to be a homage to synth pop and the 70s/80s. I don’t think it cold and calculated for radio/commercial success, it’s not exactly like they are some unknown indie band.

Lyrically they seem to be covering the same themes as always really… the frustrating thing is that everyone has been doing this since that last Daft Punk album so it feels kinda pointless.

Arcade Fires skills have never been focused on catchy hooks and tight song writing. They are better when they are sprawling and emotionally intense. It seems like a bad turn imo.


yeah shit the first time I heard ‘Intervention’ was on Zane Lowe


PF will still find a way to BNM it


I can’t speak for others but I don’t think “what the band are trying to go for” is the problem here pal