Arcade Fire 2017



doubt it, think this is the one the press turn on them


Let’s hope so. Might get them to pull their fingers out a bit, lazy bstards.


yeah that’s a good point actually, maybe not being automatically being fawned over for everything they touch will be good for them in the long run


What do you think is the problem?

I think what the band were trying to go for was a problem because it doesn’t match what they are good at. They are trying to make simpler throw back pop songs from the singles I’ve heard. That’s not what they are good at.

The just was a bit irked by the Coldplay comment above as it’s nothing like a coldplay song and if they were going by the numbers radio friendly pop there are easier ways to do it.


Sorry I meant that in relation to your “people being harsh on this” comment, although you totally right to be irked by the Coldplay comment (though I think that was in jest?)

but yes you’re are right in terms of them, it’s not what they’re best at, honestly, anyone could be doing what they are doing here but don’t because they know it already exists and it’s a stupid idea.


Is it bad that I don’t trust a single person in this thread?

In terms of judgement, that is. Arcade Fire judgement. Judgement of the Arcade Fire. And of “artistic intention”, and the absurd idea that they’re being “lazy”…

…I’ll get me coat etc.


And quite a few people do similar things and they do it really well.


I’d say you’re spot on in your explanation of why this direction is poorly suited to them and so underwhelming. I’d also add i don’t think Win’s voice/delivery suits this sound. It’d be better if Regine took the lead on more of this stuff, but nothing can make up for the songs being rank average.


hey man despite popular belief DiS isn’t a totalitarian state, I hope you enjoy it and others are pleasantly surprised by it, it’s just the first Arcade Fire album that hasn’t really done anything for me, and judging by others reactions to the singles, them either, so it’s probably not weird to have a bit of a pile-on.

I always try and approach reviews as objectively as possible, not only that, being an Arcade Fire fan, I wanted to like it more, but I can’t help but just feel kinda “meh” about it ultimately. And that’s a shame because I’ve never experienced an Arcade Fire record where I just feel very little for, even when there have been songs I didn’t like.

I kinda wish they’d just put the fucker out already so everyone can make their own minds up


My apologies, I was just clowning around with the lazy comment. They’re obviously a hard working band.

A hard working band who are currently pumping out shite tunes on a regular basis.


Nah they slammed Creature Comfort and Signs of Life


I was THIS close to liking your post, but then I read your last line!

Have half a like. Half a heart.


“sounds like the early number in a forgettable off-Broadway show used primarily to establish that the city is gritty or something”. 8.4 BNM.


Except for this is nowhere near as good as the new Lorde album



I’ve always seen them as diminishing returns since Funeral and hated Reflektor but their last few songs (Electric Blue, Everything Now, Creature Comforts and Signs of Life) have all really grown on me for some reason. I think I might end up loving this new album.


Really wanted to like these new songs and not start to go off them… but they’re making it very hard. The sound has gone much too Radio 1 friendly for my tastes.


Late to the game but can’t resist a list

Neighbourhood (Tunnels)
Neighbourhood (Power Out)
Sprawl II
Rebellion (Lies)
No Cars Go
Keep The Car Running
Empty Room
It’s Never Over (Hey Orpheus)

Don’t know Neon Bible very well at all so should probably fix that


yes you should!


Think I had the classic reactionary attitude where it wasn’t nearly as good as Funeral so I dismissed it, didn’t listen much, then just skipped ahead to their next album.