Arcade Fire 2017



Scunthorpe sorted!

Interested in that it’s an ‘in the round’ set up - so stage is in the middle of what i imagine is quite a small floor space. Can’t wait.



On sale where?


Good question. 1,200 capacity per night = almighty ticket scrum!


Ooof. I’m already going up to Manchester for the show there, but this would be amazing. Tickets will sell out in 0.01 nanoseconds though.



Ah ticketmaster! Hoovered up by bots before they go on sale.


Has anyone seen any prices for these? Is it stood it seated?


£55 plus fees


56 quid with one pound going to charity.

I am an Arcade Fire fan but…

Fuck off


I have paid high prices before for charity gigs. But in those cases pretty much all profits went to charity.


This isn’t a charity gig, it’s just a regular gig. They’ve been donating a quid per ticket to charity now for many years.

And that price is just what it costs to see Arcade Fire. You could pay that and see them at the O2 or somewhere like that, or pay the same and see them in a small venue. Or more likely, miss out on tickets to see them in a small venue.


Where can you book for that though? The only ticket seller I can see is ticketmaster which I believe will charge £7.50 fees on top


Gone in seconds Jesus


Seemed about a 50/50 success rate among my mates which is better than for some of these things. I got some. £62.50 though :sweat_smile:




Honestly, fucking pointless.
I refreshed the page just as it went on sale and all gone. Fucking bots is what it is.

Is there even any point trying to get tickets for gigs any more?


They need a better system. Especially for limited gigs like this. They try to put on something special but it ends up full of £300 tout ticket wankers.


Yep, not the best, but a lot of money saved this morning, I guess.


Totally forgot about this :joy: